My Parents Are Assholes!!!!!

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San here trying to keep it together after yet another ordeal with my parents.

Ok, I was online today and my mom signed on. So I IM’d her to say hi and we’re talking about Easter and stuff. I get a call from E and he said that he needed to talk to me. I figured that it would be a quick chat so I told my mom that I was going to the bathroom cuz I needed to go there as well. I find out that E’s having a mental breakdown so I talk with him about what’s going on in his life. To make a long story short, all the little things that were bothering him piled up and got the better of him. So after that, we go to Best Buy to get volume 2 of Nerima Daikon Bros. with the box. We get back, eat, and I go upstairs to check on my away messages. I was expecting Mom to be a little miffed that I didn’t come back until around 2 hours later. She says that my stepdad isn’t going to help me move out at the end of the semester because I didn’t take ITT Tech and UU seriously and that I’m just college hopping in hopes to find a better place. They also said that I was being babied too much by them. Give me a fucking break!! I don’t get money or cars or anything from them. All I ask is that they hold on to my stuff and take me home and back to UU during breaks. Oohhhhh, I’m being babied! What-the-fuck-ever!!!!! Over the break I’m going to ask my aunt if I can live with her cuz this is fucking rediculous. It’s really, really fucking sad when your friends care considerably more than your fucking parents.

Just when I’m in the throes of depression, I smile and take another bite of the shit sandwich that my parents force-feed me. Ever since Spring Break ended, I’ve been in a seemingly irreversable funk. I have no motivation to do anything. Not classes. Not homework. Not work. Not anything. It seems to me that the only thing that gives me any kind of satisfaction or motivation anymore is my guitar.  

Well I’m gonna go watch volume 2 of Nerima Daikon Bros. with the only people that care whether or not I’m alive or dead; my friends. Later!


11 thoughts on “My Parents Are Assholes!!!!!

  1. i fucking hate my parents as well. welcome to our society :,(. my parents treat me like shit and you can’t fucking change anything. my advise is to just sit there while life goes by…

  2. god i fucking hate my parents they don’t let me do shit. I’m gonna boycott and move out pretty soon, their so annoying. Nagggggggnagggggggnagggggggg.

    my advice, grow up, get out, never talk to again. If your smart, this works better than listening to their stupid whims. When i was a kid, all i did was think about when i would get to college.

    Ya and i remember that my freinds were the only ppl who cared about me

    But on the bright side, at least theres only a little while till i can move out and never see again

  3. @ John – Yeah, I was pretty pissed off at my parents that day, but ever since I moved out on my own for a short while, I’ve been getting along with them great!

    I had to move back in recently because there was a problem with my subleasing agreement and I couldn’t find another place in town. I want to move out as soon as I can, but the way the job market’s looking, I’m not sure what’s going to happen…

  4. I can’t stand my parents!!! They think I’m the worst child alive because I don’t do every little thing they say!!! They’re making me join the golf team at my school and I hate golf! I am fifteen and they hardly ever let me see my girlfriend! I only see her like twice a month! They bitch at me all the time because I got a B on my report card last nine weeks!!! I have no free time!!! If I ever have spare time after school and golf and on Saturdays and Sundays, they make me work!!! They cuss me out if I even ask them if my girlfriend can come over!!! I’m losing my sanity!!! I am about to snap!!! Writing this is keeping me sane right now!!! Well, that helped a lot. And I hope everything goes great with you too.

  5. i hate my ucking parents they dont let me do shit!! every one has somethng better than me but will i get it no they are so cheap i cants spend 99 cents!!! good luck too you your gonna need it advise kill them bitch!!!

  6. “Another bite of the shit sandwhich my parents force feed me” dude. i can totally relate hHahahhaa.

    Oh btw dude. ya got motivation, u do. its just that it involves beating ur parents to death with a blunt object. =D

    The shit parents get away with in the name of “love”.

    Keep it together man. ur alright, ur parents are the ones who are fucked in the head, notch you =D

    1. @Ifeelyourpain – Thanks! I actually wrote this post over three years ago and things have changed a bit. I’m gonna be moving out to join the Navy at the end of June so I won’t have to worry about my housing situation for at least the next six years, which is nice!

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