Paris Hilton's Vagina Bites Mailman!

So I got some spam in my Gmail this morning. The title read, “Paris Hilton’s vagina bites mailman!” I didn’t open it because who knows what viruses lurk inside, but I thought the title was catchy.

It’s been awhile since I was awake in the morning and not 11-noonish. I kinda like it since I have more time to do things.

Speaking of which, I plan on writing the rough draft of my first light novel today. I have so many story ideas floating around, I don’t know which one I’ll pick. I plan on selling copies of it on eBay once it’s edited and formatted. I think I’ll charge $5 and go from there.  I’m shooting for around 140 pages; not that long, but long enough for you to get into the story. Once I get my camera, I plan on reading my light novel and posting the videos on YouTube and Revver.

I was browsing Seth Godin’s blog and read his entry about how blog ads are like online tip jars. Here’s a link to it. It made me think twice about not clicking on ads when there’s good content to be had. I’m going to make it a little goal for me to click on an ad for every site that I go to that offers great content and see if the quality improves.

Well, I’m going to get something to eat and start writing. See-ya!


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