My Perfect World

I got home from work one night, and Jon gets on my case about not knowing anything. Be sure to read my previous post “The COP Took Jonny Away” for the whole story. He’s definitely gone psycho again, and this time, he doesn’t have the safety net of being a minor to keep him here in the house. Now, Mom has kicked him out for good and doesn’t want him back in the house.

Getting back to the topic at hand, Jon wanted me to write about my perfect world, a world without suffering and addiction. Is such a world possible? Can a world be considered “perfect” without struggle and pain?

Time To Level-Up!

While at work that same day, I was reading Steve Pavlina’s post Leveling Up. In it, he says that life is like Pac-Man. In order for you to reach th next level (of personal growth), you must complete the level you’re on now by eating all of the pellets (completing goals and challenges) and avoid being consumed by the ghosts (fears). You can also eat a Power Pellet (grow a pair) and keep the ghosts at bay.

Simply ignoring the game (not accepting responsibility for your life and/or not completing goals & challenges) will not allow you to progress. You might as well be not playing the game (be dead). You make the same amount of progress either way.

Now imagine playing Pac-Man without the ghosts and without the pellets. Sounds pretty boring, huh?

Challenges Form Our World

Jon, like most of the world, believes that without conflict, the world would be perfect. All of our goals would magically be completed. I would meet Marty Friedman and form a band with him, become fluent in Japanese, make tons of money, and write articles that everybody would read and then be magically transformed into their perfect selves. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Just like playing Pac-Man without ghosts and pellets, the world would be a pretty dull place if everything was handed to you. For example, if you grew up in a family that wasn’t financially well-off like myself, you would envision your perfect world with you swimming around in money ala Scrooge McDuck. On the flip side, if you grew up in a financially wealthy family, maybe you would wish for something less materialistic like more connections with people or improving the connections you already have.

We tend to yearn for what we lack rather than what we have. Why? Because we already have it! We’ve completed the nessicery steps to obtaining it and have moved on to the next level. Sure, we appreciate it and what we’ve done to get it, but we don’t dwell on it like we did when we were trying to get it.

The Only Thing That Doesn’t Change Is Change

Yes, I’m afraid it’s true. It’s impossible for change not to occur in some way shape or form. Even if you sit around and do nothing, your body’s still processing your food and moving your blood around. The temperature outside is fluctuating with the wind and season. Life continues on.

We must always strive to change ourselves for the better. If we refuse to change, then we are succumbing to the fears that keep us at our current level of growth.

I’ve learned that growth is the best part about life. It can be difficult to rise to the occasion, conquer our fears, and complete life’s goals and challenges. However, once we’ve tasted the sweet taste of victory, the value of all the labor that went into getting to that point becomes defined. For it is not until we’ve either gained or lost that we determine its value and the value of persuing it.

So Tell Us What’s Your Perfect World Already?!

It’s quite simple actually. My perfect world is a world of infinite possibility. A world where anyone could be whatever they wanted to be and do whatever they want to do. If you want to make more money, you can. If you want a child, you can. If you want to be good at swimming, you can.

I know it’s a bit anticlimatic, but if you really begin to think about it, we’re already in it. If you’re alive right now, then I welcome you to my perfect world. I’m molding it a little bit every day. Everyday, there’s a new challenge, a new goal, or something new to experience. Although I have my days when I doubt my perfect world’s existance. Days when nothing seems to go right and I’m stuck in a situation that I don’t want to be in. When I have those days, I just have to remind myself:

Just because it’s possible doesn’t mean it’s obvious.


2 thoughts on “My Perfect World

  1. Andy, this was very inspirational. It was deep and emotional. I really do think we live in a world full of opportunities because if you want it, and you really want it, you can get it. By far your best post to date.

    1. @ Ben – Thanks man! Although I try to make all of my posts the best they can be, there are some that really stand out from the rest. And there’s some that fall flat on their faces, hehe.

      This post was one that stood out in terms of quality as well as quickness and relative ease to write. It only took me about an hour or so to write it, and I focused entirely on writing it.

      Usually when I write, I write in short bursts. I bust out the first couple paragraphs, maybe write out a brief outline of how the post is gonna go later on. When I can’t think of something, I try to refresh my brain by watching some YouTube vids, browsing around FaceBook, reading up on other blogs, that sort of thing. With this post, it was just BOOM and it’s done. I did tweek it a bit, but the majority of the post was already done in one sitting.

      Once again, thanks for the comment and if you have any suggestions for future posts, leave another comment!

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