How To Play Chrome Sparks' Riff Idea #9

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I recorded this Riff Idea back when I was still at Great Lakes. I still have some extra footage from that day that I may compile so that you can see how I came up with this riff.

The setup that I used, if I remember right, was an Ibanez IJX30 running into a Marshall MG100FX 2×12 combo amp. Not the best setup, but I think it turned out nicely for this video.

Once I get my new amp, a Peavey Vypyr Tube 60, I’ll be redoing all of my Riff Ideas as well as get a band together so we can flesh out the riffs and turn them into songs. Then, we’ll be able to blow that other Chrome Sparks out of the water, haha!!


P.S: Happy Last Post of 2010 everybody!!

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