My Last Post….Until I Come Back From Disney World!!!!

Hello everyone it’s the Andy-San chizzillin’ after another day at work.

Work was easy today because I mostly did paystation (that’s the guy who helps out people in the self-checkout). When I was told to shut my station down, I accidently turned off the computer instead of logging off. Well the manager said ‘shut it down’ so I shut it down. During work, Christy and I talked over the phone when we both worked the paystations. I asked her if she wanted to do something on Monday because that’s when I’ll most likely be back from vay-kay and she said that she needs to look at her work schedule to see if she can. I’ll call her up at night sometime (^_^) .

Speaking of vay-kay, I’ll be in sunny Florida for a week! I’ll be sure to write down what I did so that I can make a monster post about it when I get back. And while we’re on the topic, I’ve calculated the expenses for MAGfest and it looks like it’s going to be easier to save up this time around. I want to have 4 people total going: me, E, Ben, and someone else. Our best bet is Cody D because he has a steady source of income and he’s cool ‘n suff. I’m so psyched for this!!! So after my vay-kay I’m gonna start saving up for MAGfest and I encourage each of you that I’ve mentioned to do the same. If you want to see the plans that I’ve typed up, go to and check it out.

I took a break from typing this and went to Wal-Mart to get more suff for the vay-kay like snacks and water. I got a new set of wallet windows because my ID was falling out. We saved like $7 on my discount; my biggest discount yet!

Well I’m gonna go finish packing now. I expect everyone to leave me an excessive amount of comments that I shall read when I get back. Peace-out and see-ya in a week!!!


Weight: 204 lbs

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