With Our Powers Combined, We Are Spamtron!!!1

…No, not really. Hey guys, it be the Andy-San here.

I had a blast with everyone at good ol’ UU!! I feel human now that I saw everyone from college. Before I felt like a robot that gets up, goes to work, works, comes home, eats, sleeps, and does it all over again. We played Magic (I’m using Eric’s Red deck of D00M!), watched anime, and I got to see the new dorm and the single rooms. Also, members from the BGSU and Wittenberg anime clubs came to UU to meet with Genshiken UU. The VP of the Wittenberg anime club had an ungodly amount of anime that easily put my collection and Eric’s collection combined to shame.

I talked with my mom and stepdad about the loans for UU and we agreed to see what happens with my meeting at ITT Tech. They still plan on starting a freight business, but they’ll get their loan the first of 2008. This means that if it takes me 6-9 months to graduate ITT Tech like I planned, it’s still possible for me to have my parents cosign my loans for UU since their credit check for their loan will happen well before I graduate ITT Tech. They didn’t give me a definate yes or no answer, and I didn’t expect them to. Like I said before, they want to know what’s going on with ITT Tech before they do anything with my loans.

Well, I’m gonna watch some Bleach so g’ night!


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