Rock Bottom Commercial – Behind The Scenes

Go behind-the-scenes for a video my friends made back in 2006!

The only edits I made to the original was that I made the cuts a bit shorter, made the behind-the-scenes and the commercial itself into two separate videos, and changed the resolution to widescreen (854×480).

I did leave in the VCR tape wobbles in-between cuts only because it added to the nostalgic feel.

Although I wasn’t in this video, it has a good amount of my friends from back home, and it had me feeling all kinds of nostalgic so I decided to revamp it a bit while still maintaining the original’s VCR-edited feel.

Here’s the original description:

In 2006 my cousin Kyle and I had to do a commercial for our Creative Writing class. We came up with a pill called RockBottom. You take this pill and become a rock star within 5 minutes. This was a fun project to do!

A special Thanks to the following people:
Tylor Boyer-Camera Man
Kyle Spence- Guitar
Ben Miller- Guitar
Ryan Goffena- Guitar
Jake Rison- Drums
Steve LaRoche- Vocals
Jon Vondenhuevel- Vocals
Sarah Tobin- Groupie plus hair and Make up.
Song Performed: Holiday by Green Day

This video couldn’t have been done without all of you! Thank you again!

Also all the people listed above have been waiting over 7 years to see the other footage so here you go! You guys are all awesome!

Enjoy and please comment!


**Tech Notes**

*Program Used*

Sony Vegas Pro 12.0 (Build 486) 64-Bit

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