Ryoko Ni Ano Dublin (Journey To The Dublin)

Hey guys it’s the Andy-San again in full effect.

Today was fun. I went with E and Dan to Dan’s house to get his boken (wooden sword) and we met his folks and dog Shadow. Then we went to Dublin (home of Dave Thomas the founder of Wendy’s) and it seriously kicked ass! We visited this Asian shop (can’t remember the name of it) and Dan picked up these awesome pair of Hakama (think of pants so big they look like a skirt or for anime watchers what Motoko of Love Hina, Kuno of Ranma 1/2, and Goemon of Lupin III wear) and both E and Dan ended up buying a new boken. E spent a lot on Eva manga and I only bought one thing; a Japanese to English and English to Japanese dictionary with Kanji characters for about $13 at Borders (grate place, and the owner is a major otaku since he went to Japan while in the Navy). It’s definatly the most useful book (or benri na hon; useful book) that I’ve bought in a long while. We ate at Chipotles for lunch. I highly recommend going there! It’s about $6-7 on average but it’s well worth it as the burritos are enormous. We also went to Waterbeds and Stuff. It’s your basic hippie place that happens to sell beds too.

In other news, I finished watching Negima and it’s a damn good series. My big gripe with it is the incredibly bad subtitles. I’ll probably buy the boxset when it comes out as well as the Love Hina boxset. Also, I wanted to go with Chris to Columbus to buy a cheap acoustic to practice on today (sorry Chris). Oh well, maybe next time.

Well I’m gonna do something so peace-out to all my homies on the west-central side!


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  1. I actually pay people to post so many comments on my one entry.  It fools the rest of you to check me out, because I must be amazing for having so many comments.  And then you get suckered in to leaving a comment yourself!  It’s genious!!


    Not really.


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