How Much Is This Site Worth?

According to, this site is worth $363.

I wanted higher, but realistically speaking, I think that I did well all things considered. I bought the domain name and 1-year hosting for $134.85. Since that’s all that I’ve purchased for the website, I’ve made $228.15 in profit. That’s 1.69 times more than what I paid for the site! Of course, these are figurative numbers (I didn’t really make $228.15 from this site) that are generated based off the number of links I get from other sites, the amount of visitors I get, etc.

I’m still mad at my parents for not supporting my decision to start my own business. However, I guess it’s to be expected. They’re concerned about my well-being, but at the same time, they want me to conform to their lifestyle of working all day and coming home burnt out. I don’t want to end up like that. I’d sooner be homeless than do that.

The reason I quit working at Wal-Mart was so I’d get that kick in the butt to really take starting my own business seriously. I’ve noticed that my creativity and overall personality has come back. It’s like a switch in my brain was turned on as soon as I quit. I also noticed an increase in intelligent thinking as of late.

I wanted to take a risk and feel alive again like I did in UU. When I was in UU, I didn’t have my parents’ negativity crashing over me. I felt truly free for the first time in my life! I saw who I really was and what I believe in and what I wanted to do. I liked this feeling of freedom. It felt cozy, comfortable, and above all, right.

I got into a depression in college because I couldn’t afford the tuition. My parents’ income is in that nice doldrum of “being too rich to get most financial aid, but too poor to pay for college outright”. I felt hopeless, like the situation was beyond my control and no matter what happened in college, I wouldn’t be allowed to continue. I felt like it didn’t matter if I had a 4.0 GPA or a 0.4 GPA, the outcome would be the same. Of course, this depression didn’t exactly help out my grades and I left UU with less than 1.0 GPA.

When I left UU, I fell into a pit of uncertainty. I didn’t know what to do with my life, so I did nothing. I did nothing for months on end. I felt empty inside, isolated from the world, and alone in someone else’s house. I fell further into my depression.

One day, I resolved to do something about my life. I realized that if I just sit around and do nothing, then I would end up like my dad and not live to accomplish anything. My depression began to slowly lift and I felt good for the first time in awhile.

As I was feeling better and better about myself, I began to notice the strong amount of negativity around me. I felt that if I wanted to progress, I would have to move out. After I resolved my issues with my stepdad, at the Wal-Mart book section of all places, I asked if I could move back in. He agreed and I moved back in on November. I’ve been here for almost a year now. My, how time flies! In that year, I’ve gone through 3 jobs: Andy’s Roadhouse, Taco-Bell, and Wal-Mart. I’ve had my truck as my only vehicle of the year.

I feel that I need to progress as a person in order to get anywhere in life.  I know that simply working until you’re comfortably numb isn’t gonna cut it for me. I want more out of life. That’s why I want to start up as a source of income for me so that I don’t have to be tied down by a job.

Tomorrow, my bid will end on who will build my site for me. will be reborn as a force to be reckoned with! Look forward to it!


3 thoughts on “How Much Is This Site Worth?

  1. Hey Andy.

    I have a bunch of suggestions to help with the site from a former designer’s point of view. I’d love to shoot you a quick note.

    BTW – first note is this: your cardinal sin on this website is not having a CONTACT button. If people want to shower you with money or provide something, they can’t find you. I searched for 10 minutes on both sites looking for a way to contact you. Opportunity can’t knock if it can’t find the door.


  2. Hey Terror Claws, thanks for the comment!

    Taking your advise, I have added a Contact Me section in my sidebar. It has my email, AIM account, and Yahoo IM account.

    Thanks again!


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