What I Think About Steroids

This post is brought to you by steroids: your one-way ticket out of the Hall-of-Fame

Okay boys and girls, so I’ve been offered money to voice my opinion on steroids in 150 words or more so let’s get right into it!

When it comes to medical usage such as nasal spray (betcha didn’t know there were ‘roids in your Flonase, did you?) or in any other situation where steroid use is minor and for a legitimate medical condition, I think that it’s okay to use them. However, when steroids are used to enhance an otherwise healthy person’s physical abilities, I believe that it’s wrong to do so.

Sure, there are certain physical expectations when it comes to sports and competitions, and with steroid use still going strong (no pun intended) despite the advancement of testing people for steroid usage, all it would take is to simply say no to steroids.

Then again, this isn’t elementary school anymore, is it?


*Editor’s Note: I ended up not getting paid for this post because I told you guys I was being paid. Oh well…*

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