Your New High Score: 982 Views!!!1

Hey everyone, it’s the Andy-San chillaxin’ after a long day at work.

I read my work schedule wrong this morning and ended up going in 4 hours later than scheduled! I apparently read the schedule for next week’s Sunday. My bad! Turns out that they needed someone to stay later anyway since someone called off so it all worked out.

I checked my views today and my highest amount of daily views is now 982!! That’s a mere 18 away from my goal of 1,000 daily views!!  Keep it up guys, we’re almost there!!!1

Now that I’ve put some st00f onto DVDs, I have room to get some new anime and suff. I have all of Sky Girls, Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun,  Clannad,  Minami-ke, and Mahoraba.  I’m working on getting or current with Kanokon, Minami-ke Okawari, Bleach,  and They Are My Noble Masters.  Of course, I haven’t watched everything yet, but there are 2 series that are quite good: Mahoraba and Kanokon. Mahoraba is finished and Kanokon is just beginning. I would like to thank AnimeMusicBoi for the excellent recommendation of Kanokon!

Well, I’m gonna watch some moAr Mahoraba. Oyasumi!


959 Views?! Wowzers!!!1

Sup, it’s the Andy-San here watching Paul Gilbert do his thang.

I guess my last post was pretty darn popular since it gave my site its highest daily views yet: 959 views! We’re sooo close to breaking my goal of 1,000 views in a single day! Keep it up guys!!

I forgot to post how much I put in for my new computer: a whopping $19. This brings my total amount saved to a cool $220. Yay. I’m not scured because I don’t have to pay my bills with my next check so I’ll have moAr to put in lol.

That’s about it really, so I’ll see you guys laterz. Bye!


He's The One They Call Dr. Gentleman!!!1

What does the kooky title mean? Nothing, really. Sup, it’s the Andy-San here chillin’.

Not much has happened as of late. I’ve been working a lot at Wal-Mart so my free time is limited. The CD I ordered hasn’t come in yet, but it should be in sometime this coming week.

In other news, I came up with this really cool guitar riff that was initially a string-skipping exercise. I’m thinking of adding it to one of my songs that I’ve been working on for forever. I still can’t wait for my guitar lessons with Rich this Tuesday.

Oh yeah, in my previous post, I said that the most daily views I received were 824. At the end of the day, they reached 892. Thanks again guys!! My next goal is to reach 1,000 daily views.

Due to my extreme boredom and because I have some French viewers, I’m gonna translate this post into French and back into English using the most accurate translation tool at my disposal: WorldLingo lol. Here goes:

Que le titre fou signifie-t-il ? Rien, vraiment. Sup, c’est l’Andy-San ici chillin’.

Pas beaucoup s’est produit en date de tard. J’avais travaillé beaucoup au Wal-Marché ainsi mon temps libre est limité. Le CD que j’ai commandé n’est pas entré encore, mais il devrait avoir lieu en autrefois cette prochaine semaine.

Dans d’autres nouvelles, j’ai fourni ce riff vraiment frais de guitare qui était au commencement un exercice corde-sautant. Je pense à l’ajouter à une de mes chansons que j’avais travaillé dessus pour pour toujours. Je ne peux pas encore attendre mes leçons de guitare avec des riches ce mardi.

Oh ouais, dans mon poteau précédent, j’ai dit que les vues les plus quotidiennes que j’ai reçues étaient 824. À la fin du jour, ils ont atteint 892. Merci types encore ! ! Mon prochain but est d’atteindre 1.000 vues quotidiennes.

En raison de mon ennui extrême et parce que j’ai quelques visionneuses françaises, je vais traduire ce poteau en français et de nouveau dans l’anglais à l’aide de l’outil de traduction le plus précis à ma disposition : Lol de WorldLingo. Va ici :

And now back to English:

What the insane title does it mean? Nothing, really. Sup, it is Andy-San here chillin’.

Not much occurred in date of late. I had worked much at the Wal-Market thus my spare time is limited. CD which I ordered did not enter yet, but it should take place in formerly this next week.

In other news, I provided this really fresh front of guitar which was at the beginning a cord-jumping exercise. I think of adding it to one of my songs which I had worked above for for always. I cannot await yet my lessons of guitar with rich person this Tuesday.

Oh, in my preceding post, I ouais said that the daily sights that I received were 824. At the end of the day, they reached 892. Thank you standard still! ! My next goal is to reach 1.000 daily sights.

Because of my extreme trouble and because I have some French viewers, I will translate this post into French and again in English using the tool for the most precise translation at my disposal: Lol de WorldLingo. Goes here:

Hmm, WorldLingo still has a lot of humorous bugs to work out. They could leave them in for the lulz, but I dunno.

Well, that’s about it for me today. If you’re going to prom, drive safe, wear a comdom, you get the idea. See-ya!


640 Views?!! Oh My Gawd!!!1

Hello everyone, it’s the Andy-San hurr with some grate news!!

First up, I looked at my stats and I saw that I’ve had 640 views today!! Wowzers!!!1 Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up! I’d love to break 1,000 views!

Next, after far too much procrastination, I’ve decided to <alert=”spoiler”> buy a CD online. </alert> As far as what CD I bought, I’ll keep mum about it for the moment.

Guys, it feels good to know that a lot of people are watching and reading my blog. I’m gonna do my best to give you better blogs, slogs, and vlogs.

Well, I’m gonna try to watch some Naruto again. See-ya!