Vlog 99 – YouTube Partnership?

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I ask if I should seriously apply for YouTube partnership again in this mobile video.


Pros of YouTube Partnership:

– higher priority in search results.

– customized Subscriber button.

– extra channel customization.


Cons of YouTube Partnership:

– My Adsense/AdWords account is banned so I won’t be able to make money off of my videos that way.

– I’ll have to remove/relocate ALL of the copyrighted content on this channel.


I look forward to hearing what you guys have to say in the comments below!



RIP Steve Jobs, 400th Video, & 500 Subscribers

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In this mobile video, I talk about the death of Steve Jobs, an update for the auditions for Love Hina Abridged, celebrating my 400th video as well as my 500th subscriber, difficulty in applying for YouTube Partnership, transferring my copyrighted stuff onto my secondary channel, my AdSense account being banned, the benefits of being a YouTube Partner, and buying a Gorillapod tripod for my camera.


Thanks again for all your support! I look forward to making Partner and making more videos in the future!



Going Against The Blogging Grain – How To Break 5 Rules Of Blogging And Be Successful

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In my quest for becoming more well-known in the blogosphere, I’ve read my fair share of blogging tips. I have incorporated a lot of them into my writing and to the design of this website, and there are several that will be utilized in due time.

However, there are some tips that I encounter a lot. So much so, that people consider them “rules of blogging.”

1. Get a single niche and never go off-topic

This one really pisses me off to be honest.

I’m the kind of guy who has many interests and wants to share them with the world. If you share yourself with the world and have the writing and/or speaking chops, then people out there will visit your website.

Of course if your interests are narrow, like collecting exotic vintage bicycle rims from the 70’s, then you might not get millions of hits a month unless you put a creative spin on it (pun kind of intended).

2. If you wanna talk about something else, have more than one blog

I kinda understand this one, but just like going niche and only having a single topic, it’s incredibly short-sighted.

As I’ve said before, I have lots of interests. However, my attention for them is always in flux. One day, I might want to talk about guitars all day. The next day, I may only be interested in anime. You see where I’m going with this?

If I were to start a blog about just anime, in order for it to get anywhere traffically-speaking, I would have to devote a lot of time to it. What if one day I want to do something else? My stats for the blog would plummet.

A similar thing happened to SpicyMelon.com. Although I was very passionate about getting it off the ground (and I still want to see it fully operational), I couldn’t devote enough time and attention to make it happen.

I find it much easier on myself to have just one blog about many topics. If I were to create another blog, I would must likely be a contributing author as opposed to the only author.

In fact, I’m trying to get things started for a collablog (a collaborative blog) between me and my friends involving Magic: The Gathering. Granted, they might be busy since they’re in college, but if I can get 5-7 dependable people to write one article a week, then we’re good to go! I might write an occasional article, but for the most part, I would be setting things up from behind the scenes.

3. Get an email newsletter

Sending out a weekly or monthly email newsletter is a great idea…if you have a blog with more than one author, that is.

I find that if your content is good enough already, then there’s no need for a newsletter. Sure you could find a way to monetize it in freemium fashion (giving away great content for free and then offering better content at a price, hence free+premuim=freemium), but ultimately, you’ll burn yourself out really quick without more authors to help you.

4. Talk about popular topics

This is a very unscalable short-term blogging strategy. Even if you had a team of writers at your disposal, you would always be fighting to stay on top by being relevant.

Your old posts should help your traffic stay afloat instead of just being yesterday’s news. Writing excellent content that is timeless will allow you to take a breather and focus more on the quality of content rather than the quantity.

That’s not to say that you can’t discuss what’s going on in your life. Sure it may bind your writing to that point in time, but it shows your audience the human side of you. It allows them to better connect with you and brings them closer to seeing through your prospective.

When I was talking about how my brother and I were going to become homeless (thank God that didn’t happen!), my traffic didn’t dip and I received no ill comments. In fact, my traffic spiked a bit and I received several positive comments with suggestions on how to avoid being homeless. Ultimately my brother and I didn’t become homeless, but I did learn what I could do if we ever did.

5. Make the most of your money from Adsense

When I first heard about making money from blogging, all I ever heard people talk about was AdSense this and AdSense that. As some of my long-time readers may know, my AdSense account was disabled due to illegal clicks from “somebody.”

In truth, I was the one who made those clicks. Although it was pretty darn obvious, I feel so bad having lied to everyone about it. It may be too late to get my AdSense account back up and running, but it did teach me a valuable lesson: don’t try to cheat the system for your own gain.

Losing my AdSense account made me look up other means of making money. Eventually, I settled on the means I have today. Even now, I’m still looking for new ways to make money online.

Closing Thoughts

At the risk of sounding like an after-school special, I hope that you guys learned from both my mistakes and what I’ve talked about today. The so-called “blogging rules” may work wonders for some bloggers, but for others including myself, there’s more than one way to has a cheeseburger. Thought I was gonna say “skin a cat”, right? Think again, haha!


You Wanted MoAr!! You Got MoAr!!! Here's MoAr Eights And Aces Vids!!!!1

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with a brief update.

Jon and I went to Eights and Aces‘ recent practice session and made some new vids. Here are the vids from Eights and Aces‘ July 5th 2008 practice session. Enjoy!

Eights and Aces – Practice Session 7-05-2008 – Low

Eights and Aces – Practice Session 7-05-2008 – Perfect Situation

Eights and Aces – Practice Session 7-05-2008 – Pork and Beans

Eights and Aces – Practice Session 7-05-2008 – Closing Time

Eights and Aces – Practice Session 7-05-2008 – Cumbersome

Eights and Aces – Practice Session 7-05-2008 – Wankfest 2008


P.S: It’s been 46 days since www.theandysan.com has been up and 18 days since www.spicymelon.com has been up. I’m going to be retooling www.spicymelon.com so it might take a bit before I update it again. Stay tuned!

Praise The Autonomous Action Unit!! Praise It!!!1

Happy Independence Day to my American audience, it’s TheAndySan here after a bike ride into town.

I did my usual biking around town and walked around the Freedom Days festival/picnic. The only kinda-interesting thing there besides the food that I had no money for was the band that was playing. They’re called Sierra Shame and they’re some country rock band. They’re a lot better than the bands that I’ve seen before at Freedom Days, but I don’t find them to be interesting.

In other news, here’s a review I submitted to Musician’s Friend for my D’Addario Chromes Extra Light Electric Guitar Strings:

Hey guys, my name is TheAndySan and I’ve gotta tell you about the D’Addario Chrome strings.

I’m the kind of guy who’s always experimenting with his gear to find different tonal possibilities.

I was recommended these strings by my local music store and decided to give them a shot. Boy, they are a-freaking-mazing!

No more string sliding noise so your slides are super-quiet. Their darker tone is perfect for pretty much any style of music ranging from heavy metal to jazz. I find that they’re best for beefing up treble-happy pickups.

These are my strings of choice!! I dare you to find better & cheaper flatwound strings than these!!

Also in other news, Jon and I will be kicking out the jams with Eights and Aces early in the morn’ tomorrow at 9. I can’t wait!!

Well, I’m gonna go celebrate the 4th of July by playing my guitar. Enjoy yourselves!


P.S: Here’s the Autonomous Action Unit, now PRAISE IT FOR IT GAVE YOU YOUR FREEDOM!!!1:


Has It Really Been Four Years?

July 3rd, 2004: It was a day that forever changed my life. It was the day that my dad passed away. As corny as it sounds, I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was a Saturday morning and I was on my way to the local trading card shop to play in a Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament entitled The King of Games Tournament. As I was walking out the door, the phone rang. I thought that it was Eriopolis, who organized the tournament, calling about something so I went back inside. My mom picked up the phone before I could and was told the devastating news by one of my cousins: my dad had passed away in transit to a rehabilitation center. I quickly called Eriopolis and told him that I wouldn’t be in the tournament today.

We drove to Dad’s house, which was also Grandma’s house at the time, and met up with everyone to figure out what had happened. We knew beforehand that Dad was in the hospital and that he was dying. We were told that he would go to a rehabilitation center so that he could die without all the hussle and bussle of a hospital. We were waiting for him to go there so we could visit him and begin to heal our relationship with him.

You see, two years prior to his death, my bro Jon wrote him a letter saying that we didn’t want to see him until he stopped drinking when we were visiting him. We were sick and tired of him always passed out on his chair and we couldn’t spend any quality time with him. We used to do things with him all the time when we were over there. It may not have been extravegant, but it meant the world to us. Dad would record  DragonBall-Z throughout the week (keep in mind that this was back when Toonami was in its prime) and we’d watch it together. We developed a theory about time travel from watching the Cell Sagas that I callled the Tree Theory. The Tree Theory states that reality is split whenever someone makes a decision. That split is called a branch. As a result of the branch existing, it can grow new branches from itself. If someone were to go back in time and change events, they would be adding and subtracting branches from The Tree.

All we wanted was for our dad to spend time with us. We didn’t need for him to spend loads of money on us or anything like that. My fondest memories are of us doing things together that cost us pretty much nothing. Sure, we’ve spent many a dollar and good time eating Little Caeser’s pizza, Dad’s home-grilled steak, or just pizza rolls.

I miss him. I wish that I could drive in my truck to his house or just call him and talk to him about whatever I wanted, just like I used to do. But I can’t. He’s gone, and no amount of wanting him is gonna bring him back.

In some aspects, I am glad that he died. If he were still alive, I don’t know for certain if I or Jon would be as dedicated to playing guitar as we are. I’m positive that I would try to learn to play guitar once I saw Travis’ Zakk Wylde Les Paul at McDonald’s. Who knows? Learning to play guitar from Dad could have been the thing that would have brought us back together after spending two years apart.

To be honest though, I do believe that it has reconnected us. It has opened up our creativity and allowed us to bond even from beyond the grave. While the artist may only live for a short time, the music lives forever. This I believe.

Happy 4th Deathday, Dad!

From your loving son with all of his heart,


The Niche Itch

Hey guys, long time no blog. It’s TheAndySan, the one and only, hurr again…with pants!

Okay first up, I’ve been stupid-busy as of late so if my blogs were a bit inconsistent both topically and chronologically, I apologize. This is the jist of my days lately: Wake up, eat something, call or get called by Eriopolis or Ben, hang out with them and then work or visa versa, come home at a ridiculously late hour, and sleep/pass out on the couch.

Despite all of this going on, I have managed to make some rather big changes to this blog. You might have noticed that I removed the group of share buttons in favor of the Share This! expanding button. This also made the Technorati button in the sidebar obsolete, so I scrapped that as well. Since my AdSense has been super-nuked, I’ve put up Chikita ads in the meantime until I get my Yahoo Publisher Network account approved. More to come on that so stay tuned!

So, why is this post called The Niche Itch? Because it’s a bitchin’ rhyme? Well, yes and no. I’ve been doing a lot of reading from the bloggers that pull in a shit-ton of money. We’re talking hundreds of dollars daily, if not thousands. They all pretty much say the same thing: “Find a niche and don’t jump off-topic too often.” In other words, “Be specific! B-E specific!” There is a large amount of evidence to prove that if you settle on a main topic and talk about nothing but it, then you’re gonna get tons of viewers followed by tons of money. Who am I to buck the trend? I am officially announcing the main topic of this blog: my life. With my life as my main topic, I am now free to talk about whatever I want since EVERYTHING has some sort of relation to my life. Whether it’s an interesting article that I read in the newspaper or what I did with my friends the other day, everything has some sort of relation to my life. The only things I can’t talk about in this blog are things that I am not aware of. As I become more aware of things, I can incorporate more topics as well as shuffle out the topics that I’m bored with. This is how I can talk about Magic: The Gathering, playing guitar, working at Wal-Mart, and my life goals ALL IN THE SAME POST! All of these topics relate to my life because they play a part in my life, however big or small in importance.

In other news, my lesson with Rich today was really awesome! I learned that I only really need to learn any scale in one key since they can all be transposed by however many half-steps the initial key is to the new key. For example, if I wanted to change from G to A, I would move wherever I am up two frets since A is only a whole-step up from G. I never realized that until today. In essence, I have learned to play lead in any key possible. I also learned that the minor pentatonic and the major pentatonic are very closely related. For example, the 1st position minor pattern is exactly the same as the 5th position major pattern, just starting somewhere different. It was such a revelation for me!

Also in other news, I’ve added new st00f to the Eights and Aces MySpace page. It’s not a lot, but it’s something. You can take a gander at www.myspace.com/eightsandaces. I jammed with Ben today and he said that I’ve improved so much as a player. I taught him how to play Still Got The Blues by Gary Moore last night and he played it for me, but it was a bit off. Not by much, but he’s got the first part pretty down so it’s all good.

Fairly recently, Cody, my friend and the bassist for Eights and Aces, moved out of his parents’ house and into an apartment with his girlfriend Danielle. It’s a pretty sw33t pad, especially for his first apartment. We played a lot of Magic: The Gathering there. It’s also a million times cooler, in relation to temperature, than Eriopolis’ room since Cody’s apartment has excellent circulation and Eriopolis’ room has ziltch.

Well, I’m gonna go to bed so I’ll see you guys on the flip-side! Laterz!!


P.S: It’s been 28 days since www.theandysan.com has been up. As I’ve said before, I took away the social bookmarking site buttons and replaced them with Share This! because it’s easier and much moAr aesthetically pleasing. If any of you guys use Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc., you can submit my stuff to them that way.

This Does Not Look Good…

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with some more bad news.

My AdSense account was closed today due to excessive clicks. I guess the same dude that uber-clicked my Kontera ads to death did the same for AdSense. Dammit! I lost over $140!! *sigh*

Don’t worry though, all is not lost. I’ve recently signed up with Yahoo’s Publisher Network to replace AdSense. It’ll be up in a couple of days. I really hope that nothing bad happens to my YPN or my Chikita account (editor’s note: I replaced Kontera with Chikita. It’s basically the same thing, but with a different company.). I feel like this site has been 2 steps forward and 3 steps back ever since my Kontera account got closed down. At least now I know what to do if I get a stupid amount of clicks again: email the companies and tell ’em what’s up. Also, my site’s been up for awhile so I have traffic now; not a lot of traffic, but some.

Anyway, I’ve been watching this new anime called Wagaya no Oinari-sama. It’s an awesome anime about a kitsune who gets unsealed in order to protect these 2 brothers and their dad. It’s really good and I recommend you guys watch it!

Well, I’d better head to bed. I’ve got a Wal-Mart Double-Feature tomorrow with a meeting at 8 in the morn’ and coming back in to work at 2:30 until 11. Fortunatly, I have Tuesday off. Yay. So, I’ll see you guys later. Bye!


P.S: It’s been 26 days since www.theandysan.com has been up. I’ve added some social bookmarking site buttons so if any of you guys use Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc., you can submit my stuff to them. Please submit my stuff. I need moAr viewers!!1

I Think I Have A Case Of The Lolicons… Or Not…

Do not fear, I don’t think it’s terminal. Sup guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with some disturbing news.

I was at Wal-Mart earlier today during my long bike ride. After I had bought a new phone card, I was approached by a young girl, roughly 10-12 years old, and asked if I would donate money for batons and baton cases. She had the whole cute little sister thing going on: pigtails, high-pitched voice, you get the deal. In an attempt to avoid donating money since I’m on a fairly tight budget, I asked her questions about what I’m possibly donating to, how much each thing is, etcetera, in hopes that she would find another potential donator and I would ninja myself outta there.

Then, another girl came up. She was older, probably high school age, and stacked. Oh yeah. But she was telling me something about the uniforms costing $100 to repair if any of the girls damaged them because they were made of super-thick cloth. She offered for me to feel how thick and I didn’t go for it. I didn’t go for it. My first instinct would be to go for it, but then logic kicked in and said, “HEY! That girl is underage. Best not to do anything weird or you’ll get hauled off in the loli-car (police car).” Fortunately, someone walked by and I GTFO’d outta there, ninja-style!

In other news, I went to the local music store to have my usual look-around. I found an interesting mini-guitar. Now, I’ve never played a mini-guitar before so I was a bit skeptical. It was a lot of fun to play!! I could do all kinds of crazy-wide stretches with pretty much no effort! The big drawback was that it was kinda hard to do power-chords. Other than that, with a good setup, it’s a pretty decent little guitar.

Well, I’m gonna go get some gas for the lawnmower. See-ya!


P.S: It’s been 24 days since www.theandysan.com has been up. I’ve added some social bookmarking site buttons so if any of you guys use Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, etc., you can submit my stuff to them. Please submit my stuff. I need moAr viewers!!1

Super Hat Womanz

Hey fellas, it’s TheAndySan here with a new post.

I saw in my stats that someone found my site by searching “super hat womanz”. Because this is one of the funniest things I’ve yet to see, I’ve decided to make this post about, you guessed it, hot women wearing hats. Enjoy, fellas!

And ladies, don’t think I forgot about you:

Well, that’s it for me. Take ‘er easy.


P.S: It’s been 23 days since www.theandysan.com has been up. Yesterday, I added some social bookmarking site buttons so if any of you guys use Digg, Reddit, etc., you can submit my stuff to them. Please submit my stuff. I need moAr viewers!!1