Vlog 02 – A Cloudy Day

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In case you were wondering, the auction for the router that I talk about ended over a year ago with no buyers. I don’t plan on trying to sell it again anytime soon.

I should have just tried to go to an online community college back in 2007 when I got kicked out of UU to put all of the time I spent idling through life to good use. However, there’s nothing I can do about that right now. What I can do is work on the present to improve the future.

I know my stepdad doesn’t want me to go back to college because I already failed at two of them, but I feel that after nearly three years of being out of school, I’m ready for Round Three. I know that I said I’d be going to Edison Community College, but in order to keep my going to college a secret and to keep my expenses down, I think it’s best to just take online classes at Owens Community College.

Here’s the original description of the video:

This vlog is basically about my rejection from BGSU, what I can do to get into BGSU, what happened to my truck and what I’m doing to get a new vehicle, what I have up on eBay, why I hate “essential” courses, a dead frog-thing, and my gripes with allergies.