N-FAQs 05 – How Many Pushups Can You Do?

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I recorded this N-FAQ on my webcam a couple of weeks ago, back when I still had Phase 2 liberty. Ah, good times…

But anyway, in this week’s episode of N-FAQS, I answer some of your questions about the workout routines that we did back in boot camp!


hey man , i’ve watched your videos for some time now and i was just wondering if you could answer some questions for me. ok , for example … when you started boot camp, how many pushups could you do? for me, i’m getting really close to the weigh-in cutoff point but my upperbody strength kinda sucks compared to my body size, so i can only do a couple of pushups. i know what they expect out of you to pass the tests but i just need a frame of reference for going in. thanks dude and congrats!


When I first started boot camp, I could only do 20 pushups in 2 minutes. Now, I can do at least 42 in that time frame!
Don’t worry; the RDCs will work with you if you need extra help, and their niceness will depend on your motivation to do more.

I still have two more N-FAQs already recorded that I’ll be uploading soon in addition to newer material, so this is an opportune time to send me your questions either via message, comment. or video response!

Since I’m getting very close to my ATT graduation date, I’ll be working extra-hard to graduate earlier than the 22nd of November (I’d like to graduate sometime this week). This means that my uploading schedule might get a little irregular, although weekends are usually a good time for me to upload things (or during the week while I’m sleeping).


BGM Title: Strings on Fire Contest Entry

BGM Artist: Daniel Rezende

BGM Title: Soundtrack of Summer

BGM Artist: Daniel Rezende

N-FAQs 04 – To Join Or Not To Join

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I recorded this N-FAQ on my webcam several weeks ago, back when I first got Phase 2 liberty. Ah, good times…

But anyway, in this week’s episode of N-FAQS, I answer some of your questions about whether or not to even join the Navy!


Hey I have a personal question. I am currently enrolled in college I am recently a HS graduate and I live with my mom. I am thinking about dropping out of college to join the Navy because I feel it would be more beneficial and also I want to get out of my living situation (my mom moves to the point where it effect my life and I don’t get along with her).

I also want a chance away from family because they are affecting me negatively as well (considering whether or not to be estranged). I also don’t want to take any loans out (which i would have to do if I stay in college)

Please give me your advice and do you think going to the Navy is a good idea?


I think that joining the Navy is a great idea, but you have to be extremely motivated in order to get anywhere around here. If not, then not only will you not get promoted or be eligible for reenlistment (which can affect your future employment), you could get discharged.

This is gonna sound strange, but you will miss your parents after being away from them for awhile. I trust that you’ve seen some of my older videos where I’m frustrated with what my parents were doing to me; all that petty stuff became irrelevant for the most part when I joined the Navy and left for boot camp. Does that mean that the Navy fixed my problems at home? No, not really. It was simply being outside of the parental bubble that allowed time and a phone call or two to fix things up, not to mention weekly letters and now emails.

Also, if you don’t like to move, then the military might not be for you. Although there is a consistency here so you won’t be totally lost, the only true constant in the Navy is change. Whether that means changing barracks here on base (which I had to do on Wednesday) or going to a whole new command, you have to accept that change is inevitable and be motivated to learn how things work and where things are (like the NEX and the galley).

It’s good that you don’t want to take loans out; although the Navy doesn’t like Sailors to have debt, they do have programs that can help you out if you do have debt.

The most important thing you have to realize about the Navy is that it’s a commitment. It’s not a job or a quick way out. It’s a commitment to yourself, your shipmates, your country, your friends, and yes, even your family.

Thanks for the email and I hope to hear from you again!

I still have two more N-FAQs already recorded that I’ll be uploading before I upload newer material, so this is an opportune time to send me your questions either via message, comment. or video response!

Since I’m getting very close to my ATT graduation date, I’ll be working extra-hard to graduate on time (November 16th is looking to be a very likely date). This means that my uploading schedule might get a little irregular, although weekends is usually a good time for me to upload things (or while I’m sleeping).


BGM Title: Strings on Fire Contest Entry

BGM Artist: Daniel Rezende

BGM Title: Soundtrack of Summer

BGM Artist: Daniel Rezende

Chicago Street Saxophonist Plays Anchors Aweigh

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Here’s a quick sneak-peak clip of my upcoming Life In… video where I go through downtown Chicago.

I saw this street saxophonist earlier and didn’t realize that he was playing Anchors Aweigh until I had passed by him, so after my shipmates and I finished eating Giordano’s Pizza (which was AWESOME!!), we went back and recorded him playing Anchors Aweigh and then gave him some change in kind.

Like I said in my previous video, I won’t be able to edit together everything that we did until I get my laptop mailed out to me, but trust me; it will be EPIC!! Stay tuned!!


N-FAQs 03 – Boot Camp Q&A

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In this week’s episode of N-FAQS, I answer some of your questions about Navy boot camp!

Question 1: How much money do u get after boot camp?

Response: It all depends on your rank and how much you spend, but I had about $1,500 right after boot camp.

Question 2: Do they make y’all eat fast?

Response: Depends on your definition of “fast”. Normally, we’d get about 15-20 minutes to eat.

My suggestion would be to pick soft foods as you spend less time chewing them (bananas over apples). Speaking of which, bananas are an excellent choice because they give you an energy boost and help with muscle fatigue. I’d usually grab two at a time whenever they were available.

Also, hydration and overall health are paramount so I’d suggest grabbing two glasses for every meal: one for water and one for either orange juice or cranberry juice. Seriously, it’ll save you unnecessary trips to medical and hassle in general.

Question 3: How much do they make y’all run?

Response: They progressively make you run more during PT time and it’ll be really intimidating when you first look at it, but by the time you get to that point, your body will be well-adjusted to it and it won’t be much of a problem.

They do make you march a lot, but I think that helps with the running.

Question 4: What is the lowest u can get on the ASVAB and get in the navy?

Response: That depends on what you want to do, but I’d say if you got a 70 or higher, you can pretty much get whatever job they have available. If they offer you the nuke test, take it because it’ll open up even more opportunities for you.

For instance, even though I failed the nuke test (by only 2 points, dammit!), I believe that me taking it and almost passing gave me the rate & benefits I have now. Accelerated advancement is a beautiful thing, my friend!

Life In…Series Is Coming Back!

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading out with a couple of shipmates from my boot camp division to downtown Chicago to see the sights!

Since I finally have my new camera, a Sanyo Xacti SH-1, I’ll be recording material for an upcoming Life In… episode. However, I can’t edit it because I don’t have my main laptop with me to edit videos. Heck, my netbook can’t even really play HD videos, much less edit them, but that’s not why I bought it.

Anyway, my laptop’s being mailed out to me so I’ll be able to start working on them soon. Stay tuned!!


Vlog 33 – Happy Belated 4-Year YouTube Anniversary

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Unbeknownst to me, Vlog 32 was released on my 4-year YouTube Anniversary and I forgot to talk about it! Whoops!

I can’t believe that it’s been four years since I signed up for YouTube! A lot has changed in that time, and I hope that the quality of my videos has gone up with the times.

In the near future, I plan on getting an HD camcorder so that you guys can see me in HD as well as the surrounding areas. I’m also planning on continuing to vlog while I’m in the Navy and in Japan as much as I can and hopefully let you guys in on the scenery.

Well, it’s been fun looking back on these past four years. Here’s to many more!


Anime Review 02 – Bamboo Blade

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Here’s my full text review of Bamboo Blade, taken from TheAndySan’s Anime Review #2 – Bamboo Blade:

Have you ever wished you could be in a Japanese high school? Yeah, you and me both, although the homework would kill me!! How about in a Japanese high school kendo club? Not sure? Well, it’s time to spin Bamboo Blade in your DVD player!

Bamboo Blade begins as the story of Muroe High School’s kendo club, instructed by Toraji Ishida, a hopelessly poor and unlucky fellow with a short-temper to boot, and his only member and captain of the kendo club, Kirino Chiba, a girl who’s energetic and always positive. When Ishida-sensai is challenged by his sempai who runs two kendo clubs at two different schools, Kenzaburō Ishibashi, he becomes determined to gather a 5-woman kendo team to defeat Ishibashi-sensai and win free Tokyo-style sushi for a year.

Muroe High School’s kendo club consists of:

Toraji Ishida – the down-on-his-luck instructor

The 5-women team

The 2-man team

The 5-woman team consists of:

Tamaki “Tama-chan” Kawazoe – the shy child prodigy

Kirino Chiba – the insanely positive captain

Miyako “Miya-Miya” Miyazaki – the cute girl with a dark side

Sayako “Sayo-chan” Kuwahara – the eccentric random girl

Satori “Satorin” Azuma – the talented but clumsy girl

The 2-man team is:

Yūji Nakata – a sincere and talented guy who looks out for Tama-chan

Danjūrō “Dan” Eiga – a small and slow guy who is Miya-Miya’s boyfriend

Story: 8/10

Although Bamboo Blade uses the ol’ Japanese high school premise, it’s much more than that. The story really captures what it’s like to be in a kendo club, alibiet with some out-of-the-norm occurances. It’s told with loving care and doesn’t go for excessive amounts of fanservice, not that there isn’t fanservice; it’s subtly tucked in without having it in the spotlight. I give it an 8/10 for an excellent take on a cookie-cutter subgenre.

Animation & Music: both 7/10

The animation quality definitely gets the job done, and it especially shines during the critical action scenes. The music is pretty catchy too. I’m totally diggin’ the ending theme’s dance-funk feel. I give both the animation and the music a 7/10 for a good, but not mind-blowing, job.

Characters: 10/10

This is where Bamboo Blade shines its brightest. The character development is top-notch and makes this anime definitely re-watchable. 10/10, no question.

Enjoyment: 10/10

I haven’t thuroughly enjoyed an anime from beginning to end like this since Love Hina! And the ending makes you beg for more when a second season is hinted at. 10/10 for pure enjoyment.

Overall: 8.4/10

Bamboo Blade is a breath of fresh air among the cookie-cutter high-school subgenre of anime. The characters develop nicely, the animation and music is satisfactory, and I would watch this again in a heartbeat.

Here’s the excerpt from the original video:

Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr with a long-awaited anime review!!

My review is not on Bleach or The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, but on an excellent little number called Bamboo Blade!

I apologize if I butchered the pronunciation as I was trying to get this out ASAP.


After looking over my Love Hina review, I decided to do something different when I recorded my review for Bamboo Blade. There’s definitely a jump-up in quality, but my main problem is that I’m rushing it so that the video’s shorter. Other than that and the dubious audio quality, I’m still happy with how this anime review turned out and have modeled all of my other reviews after it.


Slog 03 – Raw Score 01-28-2008

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Here’s the original brief description of the video:

Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San here again with this week’s Raw Score. Enjoy!

Here’s the full Raw Score from the post A Raw Deal? I Think Not!:

We begin tonight with a recap of last night’s Royal Rumble match where John Cena came out the winner. Then, Cena comes out to do a promo about his pectoral injury that should have sidelined him for a year. He said that he risked everything so he could go to WrestleMania. He then challanges Randy Orton, who’s still the WWE Champion, to a title match for tonight. After some back-and-forth verbage, Orton says that he’ll defend the title at No Way Out since Cena can’t wait until WrestleMania. Cena still isn’t satisfied and says that he’ll “get some” tonight. We then go to commercial. 4/10 (for a really predictable promo)

The first match of the night is a tag-team match with Ashley & Mickie James against Jillian & Beth Pheonix. This match was short but sweet. There was a good amount of very interesting moves in this match. The Glamazon picked up the win again with a Hanging Fisherman’s Suplex on James. Seriously, the men should really take notes on what these ladies are doing in the ring. 7/10 (for another good women’s match)

After that, we see Vince and William Regal talking about the upcoming matches for tonight (I think). 3/10 (because I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying)

After commercial, Regal comes out to address the crowd and he makes a little flub lol (he’s so excited). Anyway, he says that there will be an Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out to decide who will go to WrestleMania to face the WWE Champion. Regal then announces that Umaga, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, JBL, Jeff Hardy, and Triple H will be in the match. Then, commercial-time. 6/10 (for some really good booking)

Back from commercial, Carlito goes up against Cody Rhodes (who’s apparantly 1/2 of the Tag-Team Champions along with Hardcore Holly). I gotta say, I’m really diggin’ this Rhodes guy. He was really giving it to Carlito tonight. Unfortunatly, Carlito won with the Backstabber when Rhodes was distracted by Carlito’s manager. 6.5/10 (for an impressive match by Rhodes)

Then, HHH and HBK are shown discussing their match at No Way Out. Trips then says that he needs a tag partner for tonight and tells Shawn to suit up. 6/10 (for a quick and kinda funny promo)

Back again from commercial, we see DX come out to face Umaga and Snitsky. Right before HHH was gonna grapple Snitsky, Trips gets on the mic and asks if anyone has a Tic-Tac or a toothbrush for Snitsky, which promped the audience to chant “Brush Your Teeth.” That was hilarious!! The match itself was pretty cool. HBK took some choice bumps tonight. Trips picked up the win with a Pedigree to Snitsky with much applause. 7.5/10 (for an awesome match with DX)

After the match, we see Orton and JBL discussing their upcoming match. Not much else to say here really. 3/10 (for a bland promo)

Coming back from the break, we see Todd Grisham interviewing Jeff Hardy. Hardy says that he still wants to be the WWE Champion. Then, we cut to Vince talking to Hornswoggle about his loss at the Royal Rumble. He does some nice McMahon-isms and tells Hornswoggle to get out. 6/10 (for a great Mr. McMahon moment that saved us from reTodd)

After break, Mr. Kennedy faces Brian Kendrik. These guys put on a great match, but it was far too short. Mr. Kennedy won this match and then announced that he’s gonna end Ric Flair’s career. In response, Naitch comes out and said “Good-luck and Whooo!!!!” 6.5/10 (for a potentially awesome feud)

Back again from commercial, we have Melina versus Maria. This match wasn’t as good as the other women’s match, but it was still ok. Maria wins with an awesome rollup. Maria and that guy she’s with remind me of Sable and Mark Mero. Alot. 5.5/10 (for a so-so women’s match)

Afterwards, Jericho is interviewed by reTodd. I really don’t know what to make of the oddly serious Y2J. On one hand, I kinda like that he’s branching out as a character. On the other hand, I miss the wise-crackin’ Jericho. 5/10 (for a good promo and an on-the-fence character change)

After the break, the main event starts with Jeff Hardy & Jericho facing Orton & JBL. This match was pretty good. Hardy pulls out some neat offensive manuvers. Jericho also tore JBL up with some of his classic moves. SnOrton put a halt to the Walls of Jericho with an RKO that actually connected lol. JBL pinned Jericho to win the match. Cena came out and laid into Orton and finishing him with an FU. 7/10 (for a great match by Jericho and Hardy)

Tonight’s Raw wasn’t half-bad, but they really need to cut back on the commercials. I mean c’mon, 9 commercials in a 2-hour span? Overall, I give this week’s Raw a 5.6/10.


For those of you who weren’t around when I did my first Raw Score, I basically do a review of the previous night’s WWE Raw, broken down by each segment. I then give each segment a score out of a possible 10 points and then average out the scores to form the overall score for that episode of Raw.

Well, there’s not much else to say here really, other than I was really trying to speed up my slog, err, podcast too much. This slog also shows off some of my crappy editing skills even before I had video editing software!