First Impact Anime 07 – Bleach

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This week on First Impact Anime, we walk with the dead on Bleach!

About First Impact Anime

This is the second totally epic collaboration series starring TheAndySan and The Talkin’ Vedalken, where we review the first episode of an anime series! Instead of just picking out certain scenes and whatnot, we are gonna comment throughout the entirety of the episode, Mystery Science Theater style.

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Your New High Score: 982 Views!!!1

Hey everyone, it’s the Andy-San chillaxin’ after a long day at work.

I read my work schedule wrong this morning and ended up going in 4 hours later than scheduled! I apparently read the schedule for next week’s Sunday. My bad! Turns out that they needed someone to stay later anyway since someone called off so it all worked out.

I checked my views today and my highest amount of daily views is now 982!! That’s a mere 18 away from my goal of 1,000 daily views!!  Keep it up guys, we’re almost there!!!1

Now that I’ve put some st00f onto DVDs, I have room to get some new anime and suff. I have all of Sky Girls, Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun,  Clannad,  Minami-ke, and Mahoraba.  I’m working on getting or current with Kanokon, Minami-ke Okawari, Bleach,  and They Are My Noble Masters.  Of course, I haven’t watched everything yet, but there are 2 series that are quite good: Mahoraba and Kanokon. Mahoraba is finished and Kanokon is just beginning. I would like to thank AnimeMusicBoi for the excellent recommendation of Kanokon!

Well, I’m gonna watch some moAr Mahoraba. Oyasumi!


160 Views!!!1 Liek, zOMG!!!1

Evenin’, it’s the Andy-San here with some great news!

My daily view record is now up to 160 and the day was April 5th. Holy mother-f’n ass-crackers, Batman! I guess I’m startin’ to pull in some traffic now, huh?

I do apologize for the rather spotty updates, but I’ve been very busy. If you didn’t already know, I’ve got my old job at Wal-Mart back and I’ve escaped Toxic Hell. I don’t get a day off until this coming Saturday so it’s gonna be rough, but it’ll be worth it when I get my new computer.

Speaking of computers, I recently did a clean install (format and install) of Windows to my current computer in hopes of getting rid of this stuttering problem it’s been having. Unfortunantly, it’s still here so it must be a hardware issue or something. My guess is that it’s my sound card, but like I said before, it’s really irrelevent because I’ll be getting a new computer, so yeah.

If you guys were wondering when I’m gonna get off my arse and finally do a proper Love Hina review and a Bleach review, you’ll have to wait until I get my new computer since my current one is acting weird. Sorry about the wait!

In other news, I learned how to play most of the intro to Jane by Jefferson Starship. I believe that after I get my computer and put away some money in savings, I’ll finally get a new amp. I’ve said before that I want the Peavey ValveKing 212 combo since it’s not only the cheapest all-tube combo, but it sounds pretty darn good too. However, I looked in Carvin’s recent catalog, and I found a combo amp that could be even better. It’s called the Carvin MTS3212. It has 5 12ax7 preamp tubes compared to the ValveKing’s 3 and weighs 6 1/2 lbs less than the ValveKing too (a boon for combos). It can also toggle between being 50 watts and 100 watts. However, the ValveKing can toggle between Class A and Class AB operation and is $100 cheaper than the MTS3212. Unless I find a killer deal on eBay, I’m going with the MTS3212.

Well, I’m gonna go to bed so I’ll see you guys later and keep those views coming!! Nighty-night!


I Has a New Yob!!! And MoAr!!!1

Greetings, it’s the Andy-San with most excellent news!

I called Wal-Mart a couple days ago and they interviewed me yesterday. They said that, pending my drug test, I’m an employee of Wal-Mart again!! They gave me an $0.80 raise an hour in comparison to Toxic Hell so I’m psyched to work for them again!! I go in for orientation this coming Wednesday. Maybe I’ll be able to pay on some of my pesky bills. Maybe…

As some of you might have heard, I’m gonna be chillin’ ‘n illin’ with my homies at UU tommarrow and Saturday. On Saturday, we’re gonna be hittin’ up the Animarathon in Bowling Green. I can’t wait!!

I’ve also been trying to do another slog anime review of Love Hina, but that darn writer’s block is pissin’ me off again! After it’s complete, I’ll start work on another one, this time for Bleach. Stay tuned!

Well, I’m gonna get going so until next time, take care of yourselves and each other.


Why I Don't Go To Protests

Hello first day of spring, it’s the Andy-San here with a fresh-off-the-grill slog. Mmm, slog! As always, you can watch the video or read the slog script below:

Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San here to discuss why I don’t go to protests.
One of my managers asked me to join him in a protest at Washington D.C. and I turned down his offer. Initially, the reason for this was because I didn’t want to go all the way out to D.C. and possibly be stranded since I wouldn’t be driving my own truck and also because I don’t know him very well personally. As I began to really think about it though, I found out the two real reasons I didn’t want to protest:

1 – Openly protesting exposes your identity. If a protest were to turn sour, I don’t want the FBI or whoever else to show up at my house and brainwash me. I don’t want them to know who I am as an individual. It’s not that I have anything to hide, it’s just that I want my privacy to be maintained. Obviously, I know that by posting this, I’m exposing myself a bit and they can trace me. However, I’ve protected my personal information decently so unless they really, really want to go after me, they won’t find me.

2 – Protests present problems but no solutions. Anybody can complain, but it takes someone who’s motivated and educated on the situation to present a solution to the problem. If a protest were to present a detailed, functional, and practical solution to resolve what they’re protesting about, then I would support them. I still wouldn’t expose myself, but I would do other things like put up a link to their site on my blog and recommend my viewers to visit their site and support them however they want.

Now, I’d like to define a proper solution as best and as simple as I can. Is your solution:

1 – Detailed? Picture this: you’re working a job that you really hate (some, like me, wouldn’t have to think too hard about it!). You tell the boss, “This job sucks! I hate working here!” If you didn’t get fired for saying that, then your boss might ask, “Why do you hate working here and what can I do to help?” Most people either don’t know how to answer the question or just complain about something trivial. It’s okay to vent (just try not to make a scene, ok?) because it releases your frustration and allows you to better focus on a solution. However, simply venting won’t fix the solution. If you want to change the problem, make sure you point out details. Is it a certain work policy that you don’t agree with? Is a certain coworker giving you trouble? Or is it a personal issue? Writing down the details helps you to keep track of things and lets you filter out less relevent matters and expand upon the more pressing issues.

2 – Functional? It’s as simple as asking, “Does it work?”. Can your solution work in practice or is it just theory? Have there been successful attempts at implementing similiar solutions? Be sure to cite these solutions to make your case more credible.

3 – Practical? Is your solution feesible? Can your plan be utilized with a reasonable amount of money and manpower?

4 – Good for the company? I’m sorry, I had to pull out a classic Office Space quote. It’s still a valid question though. Is your solution aiding everybody or just a select few? Will this adversly affect others within the company?

Final summation (totally not ripped off from TheGradualReport lol), the reason that most protests don’t work is because they’re essentially bitch-fits on a larger scale. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes protesting works; take Martin Luthur King Jr for example. For the most part, however, it’s just venting without a proper solution.

Well, that’s it for me for now. Enjoy yourselves!

Andy-San out!

I noticed today that I got 69 views yesterday. Holy ass-crackers, Batman! I’m also planning on redoing my Love Hina review as well as doing a review of another anime (most likely Bleach). I’ve found that you have to reveal some plot in order to do a proper review. Besides, the review I did was far too short even for my tastes. Stay tuned as it’ll be coming soon!

Well, that’s it for me today. Enjoy yourselves and leave a comment if you’d like. See-ya!