Vlog 34 – The Return To MEPS, College Plans, & A Surprise

If you can’t see the video, click here.

I recorded this vlog earlier today, but I’m writing this from the hotel room that I stay in until I go to MEPS in the morning. Wish me luck with the weigh-in!

That’s right, I’m gonna go in and get weighed and measured and then discuss what my rating (job) will be in the Navy as well as when I’ll ship out for basic training/boot camp. I’m proud to say that as of this morning, I’m under 200 lbs!! That means I lost over 20 lbs in a month-and-a-half!!

As I’ve said before, I’m shooting for the IT rating, which involves fixing computers and stuff (from what I’ve read online). I plan on going back to college when my 4 years of active are done, and hopefully study abroad in Japan. I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed to leave the country while I’m inactive so if any of you guys know, please leave me a comment below!

Although I said I was gonna do my own taxes (and I was almost done too), I decided to get them done professionally because my school taxes were a little screwy and I didn’t want the IRS on my ass for a couple bucks. They took out a shit-ton for fees and junk so I won’t be able to get a guitar or a camera. I will be getting something special though so look forward to the surprise!

Well kids, I’d better head to bed soon since I gotta get up super-early. Good night!