Vlog 62 – Happy Five Years on YouTube!!!!!

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In this mobile video, I talk about my 5-year YouTube anniversary taking forever to render (resulting in a super-belated release), my irregular uploading schedule, my allergies from hell, the status on my debt repayment, and the possibility of resurrecting Life In…Video as a series of short videos ala Kurt of the softypapa & lylesbrother channels. Check it out!



My Goals

Yeah I know it’s a really generic title, but it’s what I wanna talk about. Hello everyone, it’s the Andy-San here.

My Goals:
-not work at Toxic Hell.
-not have a job but a means to make money that I enjoy doing.
-go back to college and graduate.
-persue my dreams of being a pro musician and pro blogger.
-live in Japan even for a short period of time.

It’s a simple list really, but how will I achieve them?

Goal 1 – not work at Toxic Hell:
-find another source(s) of income that’ll be able to match or surpass my income with Toxic Hell.
-save up a bit ($500 should do it).
-quit Toxic Hell and utilize my new source(s) of income.

Goal 2 – not have a job but a means to make money that I enjoy doing:
-find what I enjoy doing.
-complete Goal 1 doing something I like.

Goal 3 – go back to college and graduate:
-complete Goals 1 and 2.
-pay off my debts with as much money as I can.
-save up a bit ($1,000 or so).
-apply to a college that’s within my budget, in Ohio, and has a major in Japanese.
-get accepted.

Goal 4 – persue my dreams of being a pro musician and pro blogger:

Pro Blogger:

-become a pro blogger to complete Goals 1 & 2.
-pay for my own domain name.
-transfer my blog via WordPress.
-use ad-generating programs like AdSense to make money.
-generate traffic to increase income.
-continue to utilize various programs for my blog to generate income.

Pro Musician:
-complete Goals 1-3.
-play as much and at many different places as possible for exposure.
-set up a MySpace account, FaceBook group, and TuneCore account.
-make albums and sell them online via TuneCore as MP3s & CDs (and possibly vinyl).
-sell merchandise and CDs at shows.
-sell merchandise online too.
-gather a following and continue to make music for a living.

Goal 5 – live in Japan even for a short period of time:
-complete Goals 1-3 and possibly Goal 4.
-apply for programs that can get me to Japan at little cost like the JET programme.
-if that doesn’t work, find other means to get to Japan.
-save up around $2,000.
-find a place to live.
-immerse myself in the unique culture of Japan and enjoy myself.

Well, I’m gonna shovel some snow. Later!