J-Vid 11 – My Two Dogs 2 [Electric Boogaloo]

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In this J-Vid, I talk about my lovely dogs. Here’s the dialog:

Good afternoon, this is Andy!


konnichiha, andi desu

I have two dogs.


inu fubiki ga arimasu.

Their names are Zeus and Leto.


jibun no namae zeusu to reto sa re masu.

Zeus is eight years old and Leto is five years old, but Leto’s sixth birthday is tomorrow


Zeusu wa hachi-sai to reto wa go-sai desuga, reto no roku-banme no tanjō-bi wa ashita desu!

Zeus is a male and Leto is a female.


zeusu ha, dansei to reto no josei desu.

They are both Golden Retrievers.


futari no goorudenretoribaa desu.


BGM Title: Minxy Techno Fun Time

BGM Artist: Lensei & MissHannahMinx

J-Vid 04 – My Two Dogs

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In this video, I am talking about my two dogs, Zeus and Leto. For your convenience, I have added subtitles in English after every sentence so you can read what we’re saying to each other.

Feel free to leave me a comment or a video response so that I can improve my Japanese. Thanks!!


P.S: Sorry about uploading this later than normal; I was out and about applying for jobs and such. I can’t wait to get a job and move out again…