We Need Jobs & To Present Value To The World

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Good news everyone! Jon and I talked with our stepdad about staying here and he says that it’s okay so long as we’re constantly looking for jobs until we find one. So yay, we’re not gonna be homeless this Christmas!!

Now as far as finding a job in this economic climate is concerned, I doubt we’ll find something around our neck of the woods. As per our agreement, we will keep looking though. Who knows? Maybe we will run across a job in this economic downtime that’ll meet our financial needs. Even a part-time job’s okay by us.

Presenting Value

The main reason our stepdad wants us to get a job, despite what he said about making money to help pay the bills, is to contribute value to society.  Getting a job is the old-school way of contributing value. To be honest, the only reasons I’m getting a job are to ease the inner household tension and to pay my expenses until this website can cover them.

I love what I’m doing here! Even if it takes me forever to tweek one little thing, I’m more than willing to put in the extra time without complaint because this is how I creatively express myself. I don’t plan on making this blog into a “get rich by blogging” blog or anything like that because that’s not the reason I started blogging and it’s not the reason I continue to. Sure, I talk a lot about getting rich from my website, but getting rich is more a result of presenting value than my M.O. for blogging really. Since money is a socially accepted form of value, I do gauge where this site’s going by how much I’m making. It’s not the only thing that I gauge the site on, but it is an important factor in determining if what I’m saying is connecting with others.

The Real Secret To Getting Rich & Being Happy

Since what I want out of this website is to creatively express myself in front of the world, I intend for things that happen as a result of that to better facilitate my creative self-expression. For example, by creatively expressing myself in front of a large audience thus presenting them with something of value, I will be able to make money from it. This money can be used to pay my expenses, improve upon my self-expression,  and allow me to devote more and more time to expressing myself. Eventually, I will no longer need to do meaningless work since the income from my passions will more than cover my social debts.

Well, I’m off to see what’s new on the Internets so I’ll see you guys next time!


I'm Looking For An Online Job To Fit My Life Plan

As the title says, I’m in the market for a job online. I’m looking for something leaning towards writing like a blogging job. No, I haven’t given up on any of my website ideas.

The reason I’m doing this is so that I can make a living doing something that is not only fulfilling, but relevant to my career. I feel that I have a lot to learn about before I really hit it big online. I also want to improve my writing skills, and if I do that with a larger audience, then I’ll be able to gather results quicker than if I just focused on TheAndySan.com.

Basically, here’s my life plan at the moment:

1. Get an online job as a blogger to improve my writing skills and gather a larger audience.

2. Once I start making money from blogging for other people, then I will save up that money to buy a car.

3. When I get a car, then I’ll save up to move out with my friends in July-August of 2009.

4. When I move out, if my site isn’t earning me a high enough income to live off of by then, I’ll continue to blog for other people until it does.

5. Once I’m earning a high enough income from my website to live off of that is also consistent, then I’ll shift most of my focus to it and possibly continue blogging for other people.

After I do all that, I’m not sure what I’ll do. Depending on how much money I get, I could take my friends and family with me on trips around the world. I’m sure that when I complete the above list, possibilities that I’m currently unaware of will reveal themselves.

Well, I’m gonna watch some of Please Teacher until it’s time for dinner. I’ll be back later on to show my Drawing of the Day (I think I’ll call it that from now on). Bye!