Vlog 24 – Apologies, Frustration, & Goals

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I want to begin this post by first and foremost apologizing to my stepdad for some rude comments that I made to the eBay auction for his TV. I was angry at some of the people who emailed me lowball offers and also at my stepdad who I felt wasn’t lowering his reserve price to compete in today’s online market. However, I had lost sight of the fact that this television has been with us for two years and has never given us a single problem. It’s still in excellent condition, shelves and all. Although yes, you can get a flat screen at Wal-Mart for a lower price, I honestly find it difficult to put a price on reliability.

I had also put in the auction the reason why we were selling it. I felt that doing that would give the auction a personal touch and would persuade people to purchase the TV. My mom thought it was just weird and that “nobody puts up comments on eBay.” I also apologize for doing that.

Although I believe that I was acting in the right for trying to put a personal touch on the auction, it was wrong of me to make nasty comments no matter how you slice it. It has made my family feel like I had slapped them in the face, despite taking me in again and giving me food and even helping me move out to begin with. For this, I also apologize.

I did put the TV back up on eBay so if you’d like to check it out, click here.

Now, I’ve noticed over the past couple of weeks that I’ve become more prone to fits of anger, despite the happy-go-lucky guy you see on YouTube. I dunno if it’s the change of seasons or that my job situation isn’t going where I want it to or that I’m not yet making enough money from my website to support myself. Maybe it’s none of these things. Maybe it’s all of them.

All I know is that I need to get a job so that I can save up to move out again. Once I’ve secured a job and moved out, then I can work on becoming financially independant from a minimum wage job via my blog. I know that all of the sceptics are rolling their eyes at me and thinking that I should get real and stick with a regular 9-5 existance. However, I know in my heart that I won’t be truely happy working a normal job, whether or not I like my coworkers and/or bosses. Besides, if I can make close to $40 a month doing what I love, then I can surely bump it up to a level where I can live a good life doing only what I love. It’s only a matter of time and continually doing what I love before I reach that point in my life.

My album review videos have been getting very positive feedback, as well as my brand-new YouTube collaboration with BobbyJudo and CrimsonIgloo where I speak in Japanese and they coach me on how I can improve. By doing these reviews and collaborations, I know that I’m doing a good service to the YouTube community as well as people interested in the albums or learning Japanese. As a result, I know that my subscriber count and my video views will continue to increase. With that, I’ll be able to increase the traffic to my website and thus, my income.

I’m not trying to come off as arrogant or as a self-fulfilling prophet; I am mearly stating that I can do what I love and make a living doing it.

I’m going to talk to Taco Bell in the morning to see if I can get my old job back from there as well as look into some more job opportunities in the area. See you guys again soon!


I'm Tired Of All The Stupid Questions!!!1

“This isn’t scanning. What should I do?” “Credit. Credit. Sir, I’m paying by credit.” “Do you have to scan the pop?” “The (insert produce here) is (insert price here)” AHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!1

Ok, I feel a little better. Good evening, it’s TheAndySan here to rock and roll the place.

Today at work, I seriously almost walked out. Near the end of my shift, I was ringing up a very obese woman who was in one of those courtesy electric carts. She had left her regular cart beside my register before I got there. She was complaining about stuff and I just kinda brushed it off and rang her stuff through. Then, she remembered that she forgot to get eggs. Keep in mind that this is during the beginning of third shift when there’s pretty much no one around. I page for a stockman anyway, hoping that someone would come and help me out. Fortunately, someone did come. It was the assistant manager so I felt a little relieved. I continue to ring her stuff up and I get to the section of food that she comps. Comping is short for competitors’ prices. Basically, if you find someplace that has something for less than what Wal-Mart has, you can tell us what their price is and we’ll give it to you for that price. She’s angrily telling me the prices like I’m the sole reason she’s been in Wal-Mart for so long and why she’s buying so much. After all that, the assistant manager comes up with the eggs in hand. I scan ’em. No biggie. After she slides her food card (it’s like food stamps, but moAr elegant) and everything is all said and done, she notices that I forgot to comp the eggs. I do not recall her telling me to do that, and she’s even more upset. I’ve already had an aggravating day and she just pushed all the wrong buttons. I tried to compose myself, but I kept muttering “Fuck!” and rang in the next lady’s order, completely ignoring the previous customer. Since the lady I was ringing up was a fellow Associate, she could relate to my woes and I vented just a tad. In one of the best acts of karma, when the associate manager was helping the other lady with her groceries, she forgot her cane. He then said to her that everyone forgets sometimes. Whoo boy, that made my night! Cody, who was also working that night, said not to worry since she always bitches about everything.

In other, much better news, the band finally had the first practice since Jon joined track around March. Jon’s definitely improved, Joe’s about the same but less rusty, and I was kinda crappy. My timing was craptacular on some songs, and I didn’t sound very good I thought. But hey, that’s why you have practice; to shake off the rust and tighten the band up.

Well, I certainly feel better. I’m gonna play me some Halo 3 with my bros so I’ll see you guys later. Night!


P.S: It’s been 1,514 days since I had a website.