N-FAQs 17 – Making Money In The Navy

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In this week’s N-FAQs, we look at how much money you can make while in the Navy!




hi i have a friend he plans on joining the navy he told me that the recruiter told him that he would make 30,000 a year starting off so about 1,400 every two weeks is this true my friend is doing this only for the money he thinks navy is like his mill ticket lol but i think the recruiter only told him the good can u tell me some things that the recruiter wouldnt tell him




Thanks for the email! Sorry it took me a bit to answer this question, but I did some research to come up with my answer.


The truth is that unless he’s becoming an officer, there’s no way that he’ll be making that much money starting out. Just google 2011 military pay chart to see how much each rank makes. Of course, he could make more than that depending on how many allotments he has.


Generally speaking, an allotment is additional income that is based on certain circumstances and criteria. Some examples include allotments for housing, food, being away from your spouse, being out to sea, knowing a foreign language, debt relief, and so on. Also, if you’re married and living with your spouse, your housing & food allotments increase quite a bit.


As far as what the recruiter won’t tell him, well that depends on what rate your friend’s picking and how much the recruiter knows/is willing to tell. Something that I’ve learned is that every situation is different, so even if he has an honest recruiter, he/she might not know enough about what job he’ll have in the navy. Heck, I didn’t even know much about my job as a sonar technician until well after I graduated boot camp.


The best thing that I can recommend is for your friend to do some serious research. If he’s willing to dedicate 4-8 years of his life to the navy after that, then by all means sign up! If not, don’t worry since the military’s not for everyone.


Hope this helped and I wish you guys the best!


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