J-Vid 12 – My Watch

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In this J-Vid, I talk about my watch. Here’s the dialog:

Good evening, this is Andy!


Konbanwa, andi desu!

I have an interesting watch!


Watashi wa omoshiroi tokei o motte!

This watch is orange!


Kono tokei wa orenji-shoku desu!

I’ve had this watch for about 4 years!


Watashi wa yaku yon-nenkan, kono tokei ga a~tsu ta!

I bought this watch at Wal-Mart for about $10!

私はWal – Martで約$ 10この時計を買った!

Watashi wa Wal – Mart de yaku juu dorra kono tokei o ka~tsu ta!

So what kind of watches do you have?


Soredewa, tokei no shurui ga ari masu ka?


BGM Title: Minxy Techno Fun Time

BGM Artist: Lensei & MissHannahMinx

J-Vid 11 – My Two Dogs 2 [Electric Boogaloo]

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In this J-Vid, I talk about my lovely dogs. Here’s the dialog:

Good afternoon, this is Andy!


konnichiha, andi desu

I have two dogs.


inu fubiki ga arimasu.

Their names are Zeus and Leto.


jibun no namae zeusu to reto sa re masu.

Zeus is eight years old and Leto is five years old, but Leto’s sixth birthday is tomorrow


Zeusu wa hachi-sai to reto wa go-sai desuga, reto no roku-banme no tanjō-bi wa ashita desu!

Zeus is a male and Leto is a female.


zeusu ha, dansei to reto no josei desu.

They are both Golden Retrievers.


futari no goorudenretoribaa desu.


BGM Title: Minxy Techno Fun Time

BGM Artist: Lensei & MissHannahMinx

Vlog 37 – Video Status Report

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It seems like ages since I last made a vlog, so I decided to do a quick one to explain the status of my various video series as well as what’s been going on recently.

It’s been a great experience working with my best bud Eriopolis on the Movie Night series, and I hope that we’ll continue to make more videos together!!

Until I started working on the Movie Night and Life In… series, I haven’t really sat down and watched my videos that much. A lot of them seemed stuck to a certain point of time and there are a couple very early videos that I’m downright embarrassed about. The reason I still keep them up is to show my progression as not only a YouTuber, but as a person. Despite the overall badness of some of them, I still get warm feelings of nostalgia when I watch the videos that were taken back when I was still at UU! Ahh, memories…

But anyway, getting back to the subject at hand, several of my video series are in a state of flux at the moment. Let me just give you the short version of what’s going on:

J-Vid – Unless it’s for a collab or as a response to a popular video, I don’t have any plans to bring back the J-Vids as a regular series.

Life In… – Since I’m beginning to run out of interesting places to record in the local area, I might only have a couple more episodes of the Life In… series left before I move to San Diego. Once I move there and am able to do stuff, you can count on me bringing the series back in full force!

WAR – Because of the recent increase in views and interest from this series, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of bringing it back. I have a couple of excellent CDs in mind to review! There’s also the distinct possibility of doing a long-awaited anime review *audible gasp!*.

In conclusion, just stay tuned and I hope to be giving you guys some more awesome videos in the near future!