Lost Vlog 4 – Of Goal Boards & Guitars

If you can’t see the video, click here.

This vlog was originally suppose to be Vlog 16, but I decided to rerecord it because the room was too dark. Thankfully, I didn’t delete it because I talk about some cool stuff

In this video, I talk about my new goal board, different guitars that I want, and I show you some of the changes that I did to the apartment since my tour video.

At this point, I haven’t yet propped up my mini-fridge with two pieces of wood. They were originally shelves that I got from an entertainment center that was being thrown away nearby.

On my goal boards, I have the following goals/intentions:

“I deliver $1,337 worth of value to others and am rewarded accordingly.”

“I am grateful for owning a Peavey Vypyr 75.”

“I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman.”

“I am the proud owner of a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue.”

“I weight 180 lbs.”

“I am the frontman for my band Chrome Sparks as the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist with *blank* on lead guitar/backup vocals/screams, *blank* on drums, and *blankitty-blank* on bass/backup vocals”

Here’s the links to the Steve Pavlina videos that I mentioned:

Steve’s house tour and the goals boards

Steve’s views on polyamory

At the time, I was saving up for a PRS SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue and had around $60. Before I had to suddenly move back with my folks, I had amassed $134.02 total. Keep in mind that I got all this strictly from tips and all of the change in my wallet left over at the end of the day as well as some change found lying around. However, I did keep eight quarters (that’s $2 for my international audience) in my wallet just in case.

Besides the PRS, I want to own The Dean From Hell, a Jackson Kelly, a Jackson Kelly Star (think of a Kelly fusing with a Randy Rhoads asymmetrical V), and a Carvin V220 (which is quite the unique instrument indeed).

The Jackson Kelly and the Carvin V220 were both used by Marty Friedman when he was in Megadeth and Cacophony respectively. I tried unsuccessfully to get his signature Ibanez SZ model, of which there are two versions: one in blue with two humbuckers and another in red with a single humbucker and a killswitch instead of a volume knob. Do I really have to say which one I wanted? *it’s the blue one*

I have already recorded a video showing how to play Chrome Sparks’ Riff Idea #3, but I still need to edit it first because it’s a bit long as it is, around 14 minutes and 14 seconds long to be exact. In the meantime, you can listen to all of my Riff Ideas here at the only official MySpace of Chrome Sparks!

As always, enjoy the video and comments are appreciated, but be warned: if your comments are hateful, demeaning, or just plain mean, I will block you. I will reply to them though for all my nice viewers to see, but not you! Life’s too short to be consumed with negativity. Enjoy!!


P.S: This post was made with Two! Minutes! To Midnight!! This has been your complementary Iron Maiden reference, and please enjoy the rest of your stay.