Boobs: To Look Or Not To Look

That is the question. Sup guys, it’s TheAndySan hurr.

Today at Wal-Mart, I was faced with a decision: whether or not I should look at girls’ boobs while I’m working. Being a red-blooded man, the obvious answer would be yes and look moAr. However, chicks have rights too so I feel that looking might constitute as sexual harassment. I came up with the following answer: I should definitely look at girls’ boobs whether I’m working or not. Now before you ladies decide to jump me in the parking lot, here are my reasons:

1 – It’s human nature. The human male is genetically programmed to find an ideal mate; one with large breasts for nursing children. Also, having large breasts shows that the female in question is healthy. Of course, there are limits to the size of the breasts. Having too large of breasts might indicate that the female is overweight and thus the children will be overweight.

2 – Girls like to show them off. Why do they show off the goods if they don’t want guys to look at their racks? It’s because, contrary to popular belief, girls WANT us to look at their boobs. It makes them feel sexually appealing and gives them attention.

So there you have it. I will continue to eyeball chicks’ dirty pillows wherever I am.

Well, I’m gonna go over to Eriopolis’ house so I’ll see you guys later. Bye now!


P.S: It’s been 1,509 days since I had a website.

Sittin' Pretty at 2,132 Daily Views!!

Good evening, it’s the Andy-San here waiting in my Al Bundies (that’s my underwear. Hello ladies!!) for my laundry to get clean & dry. Even my backup pants are in there, so lameness.

I’ve received not only my highest amount of daily views at 2,132, but a lot of comments as well. If you guys have a question or a comment, please feel free to do so. Just try not to make comments like, “ur blog sux a$$!! I h0pe u diee!!”, that’s all I ask. It’s not that I can’t take criticism, far from it. It’s just annoying is all. If you think my blog sux a$$, then tell me in a constructive manner. Just remember, use your words; they’re there for a reason.

Some of you have suggested that I put up more pictures of myself among other things to, literally, illustrate what I’m talking about. I’m definitely down with putting up moAr pics of me cuz I do love me lol! However, my camera’s being a tool and not the kind that’s usable. I’ll get back to this subject here in a bit.

In one of my comments, Groverfan suggested that I do blogs or have a section of my daily blog for my personal history. I think that this is a grate idea! I need to get it organized and it’ll be up and running. Look forward to it!

Work today was boring again. They stuck me on paystation, which is the area that runs the self-checkouts. During the weekend, the whole place is packed and I’m kept busy. During the week, however, it’s dead as hell with occasional spirts of customers. You also get a lot of people who don’t know how to work the self-checkout and do stupid things. Things like trying to scan big-ass boxes, 24-packs of water, and flowers (my arch-nemesis at Wally World. Grr…).

There’s also a very large amount of people who buy certain items that require me to ID them that are not booze and/or smokes. Items like super glue, spray paint, paint balls, Headshot energy shots, diet pills, male enhancement pills (I had two incidents, both were women buying the shit and boy were they embarrassed when I carded them!!), paint thinners, Tylenol, the list just goes on! I do agree with Wal-Mart in that the abuse of these products should be handled within the best of our ability. However, I think that it’s also our responsibility to properly inform the customers that they will need to present their ID if they want to buy these products. We do it for booze and smokes so why not everything else we card for? I put that in the suggestion box and if my suggestion gets picked as the best, I get an extra $25 on my paycheck! Go me!!

I also got my mom an early Mother’s Day present: 2 boxes of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for the fridge and freezer. Sure it’s not jewelry or flowers or a card, but I totally thought of her when I saw them. Happy Early Mother’s Day, Mom! Due to the accident, she gets that day off so I guess the accident’s not all bad.

Well, I’m gonna put my wash in the dryer (good-night, ladies!!) so I’ll see ya when I look at ya! ‘Night!


P.S: Remember when I said I’ll get back to the subject of pics and vlogs? Well, I’ll be getting my Paypal account squared away later on today and I’ll put up a donation button. So if anyone would like to donate, you’re more than welcome to (liek zOMG, theandysan has become an Internets panhandler!!!1). The donation button won’t go away when I get a camera, but getting the camera via my blog would be most interesting. Most interesting indeed.