Life In…Video 09 – San Diego Hillside

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In this episode of the newly renamed Life In…series, now called Life In…Video, I show you a great view of sunny San Diego from atop a hill! Enjoy!

This weekend, I hung out with a good friend and bought some expensive (for me) cologne. Now I’m broke as a joke lol!

In other news, I’m also fleshing out ideas for future video series, like First Impact Anime as well as my solo anime review series tentatively called Know Your Anime.

Whereas FIA was basically a RiffTrax for the first episode of an anime series, KYA is meant to be more of an overall review of an entire series. Considering that some anime series can get really long, I’ll be sticking with the shorter 13-26 episode series. If you guys want me to review something, be sure to say something in the comments or leave me a message.

I’d like to apologize for the lack of videos lately, but for some reason, my phone hasn’t been uploading my mobile videos to YouTube. I made a bunch of really great mobile vids, but they’d either time-out when I upload them or they’d say they were complete and when I would check on them on YouTube, they wouldn’t be in My Videos. Fortunately, this video was successfully uploaded, so I dunno what the deal is. If you guys could help me figure out what the deal is with my phone and uploading videos to YouTube, please PLEASE leave me a comment below or send me a message!

Well kids, I’m gonna start recording some new N-FAQs so I’ll see you around!


Life In…08 – San Diego's Ocean Beach

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For my first Life In…video in San Diego, I take you guys to Ocean Beach to see the ocean with me for the first time in my life!! Hooyah!


P.S: I’m thinking about making future Life In…videos like this, as in shorter than my previous 10-15 minute epics. I’m also toying with the idea of changing the name of this series to Life In…Video or Life In Video. What do you guys think about all this? Leave me a comment below!

Vlog 47 – January Video Update

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This is just a brief video update of my video series’ status as well as what I’ve been up to lately.

This week, there will be two N-FAQs to make up for the one that I forgot to upload last week. There will also be a new Life In…video where I visit the ocean for the very first time in my life!

Thanks for your patience and look forward to the new stuff to come!


Chicago Street Saxophonist Plays Anchors Aweigh

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Here’s a quick sneak-peak clip of my upcoming Life In… video where I go through downtown Chicago.

I saw this street saxophonist earlier and didn’t realize that he was playing Anchors Aweigh until I had passed by him, so after my shipmates and I finished eating Giordano’s Pizza (which was AWESOME!!), we went back and recorded him playing Anchors Aweigh and then gave him some change in kind.

Like I said in my previous video, I won’t be able to edit together everything that we did until I get my laptop mailed out to me, but trust me; it will be EPIC!! Stay tuned!!


Lost Vlog 11 – Riff Idea #8 (Demo)

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I was browsing around my old desktop computer and found this video of me from November 2008 playing an acoustic riff that I was working on at the time. I hope you guys enjoy it!

There will be some more new videos next week, including a new Life In… video (pending on the weather) based on your suggestions via Google Moderator as well as a new N-FAQs video. See you guys then!


P.S: Only 19 more days until I get shipped off to boot camp for 2-3 months! I’ll put together an awesome farewell video before I go.

Behind The Flop At Flopamation

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Before I begin, I want to apologize for not having a new episode of First Impact Anime this week. Eriopolis is in the middle of moving to a sweet new apartment with his brother Ben, so I’m hoping that the next episode will be over there. I already have an anime planned out to watch, and it will be epic!

Over the weekend, I compiled never-before-seen footage from the Movie Night and First Impact Anime series. This footage includes bloopers, extended intros, and a concept reel where Eriopolis and I talk through and brainstorm what’s gonna happen for the first episode of First Impact Anime. These videos are only available on our Flopamation channel on

The name Flopamation, which is our production name, comes from the combination of Funimation and flop. I still hope to collab with Eriopolis even when I’m in the Navy, but we’re still working out the details for that.

Speaking of the Navy, I can’t believe that I’m going to boot camp in less than a month! I’m incredibly nervous, but also looking forward to starting my new life!

I plan on releasing a new Navy video this week, where I discuss what goes on at a DEP meeting as well as go over essential learning material like The Sailor’s Creed and The 11 General Orders. Stay tuned for that!

Also, I’ve got at least one more video to record for the Life In… series before I go to boot camp. In that video, I want to cover Grand Lake exclusively since it’s the main focal point of the surrounding area. Too bad I won’t be around to cover Lakefest and the Regatta and all that jazz since it’s the only time of the year when things really get interesting around here, but I digress…

Well, I gotta go out on a bike ride soon so I’ll see you guys next time! Bye!


Vlog 37 – Video Status Report

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It seems like ages since I last made a vlog, so I decided to do a quick one to explain the status of my various video series as well as what’s been going on recently.

It’s been a great experience working with my best bud Eriopolis on the Movie Night series, and I hope that we’ll continue to make more videos together!!

Until I started working on the Movie Night and Life In… series, I haven’t really sat down and watched my videos that much. A lot of them seemed stuck to a certain point of time and there are a couple very early videos that I’m downright embarrassed about. The reason I still keep them up is to show my progression as not only a YouTuber, but as a person. Despite the overall badness of some of them, I still get warm feelings of nostalgia when I watch the videos that were taken back when I was still at UU! Ahh, memories…

But anyway, getting back to the subject at hand, several of my video series are in a state of flux at the moment. Let me just give you the short version of what’s going on:

J-Vid – Unless it’s for a collab or as a response to a popular video, I don’t have any plans to bring back the J-Vids as a regular series.

Life In… – Since I’m beginning to run out of interesting places to record in the local area, I might only have a couple more episodes of the Life In… series left before I move to San Diego. Once I move there and am able to do stuff, you can count on me bringing the series back in full force!

WAR – Because of the recent increase in views and interest from this series, I’ve been tinkering with the idea of bringing it back. I have a couple of excellent CDs in mind to review! There’s also the distinct possibility of doing a long-awaited anime review *audible gasp!*.

In conclusion, just stay tuned and I hope to be giving you guys some more awesome videos in the near future!