Tact Is My Middle Name, But My Last Name Is Liss

Good afternoon, it’s TheAndySan hurr to tell you guys about 2 rad dudes who are a-freakin-mazing at guitar.

Their names are Housethegrate and Ashane. I first heard about Ashane through a site called OCReMix.org. I downloaded his song NinjaScape. At first, I thought it was too slow so I skipped by it for a long time. Then one day, I decided to listen to the whole thing and was floored. I was hooked. I had to have moAr. I eventually found a video of Ashane performing another song called Red Cap Assault. He put it up on YouTube for grate justice, and here it is:

I don’t remember exactly how I found out about Housethegrate, but chances are, I found him via his brother Ashane. Oh yeah, did I mention that they were brothers? I listened to some of his songs and thought they were ok. I really didn’t start to get into House’s music until I saw his video for La Hora es Tarde:

Then, I had to hunt down moAr videos! Here are some vids of him up on YouTube:

Waltz of the Dolls:

Light In The Fortress:

Guitarmageddon 2002:

Walk On Water:

As I’ve said before, House has released his own CD called Houseworks. I bought it and it’s still the best $10 I ever spent. You too can have House’s CD of Grateness. Go to http://www.housethegrate.com/?id=order and order that shit, suckas!!

Well, I’m gonna chill before I go to work so I’ll be going now. Later!


P.S: It’s been 1,512 days since I had a website.

House Is The Grate!!!1

Hey everyone, it’s the Andy-San here with some excellent news!

Remember that CD I ordered? Well it’s in, and it is grate!! That’s right, I decided after a long bout of procrastination (and the fact that the initial press of CDs was about gone) to finally BUY Housethegrate’s CD Houseworks. It was totally worth the $10 and couple days of waiting!! Houseworks has remastered (and in some songs, completely redid) his trademark songs like “La Hora es Tarde”, “Waltz of the Dolls”, “Light In the Fortress”, and “Seized With Fury” as well as some sw33t new material like “Sanctuary”, “Crumbling Statues”, “Hurry!”, and my personal favorite, “Murdered By Flora”. Although it lacks the cohesiveness of a traditional album (it feels like a “best of” CD), in the age of the iPod where people pick and choose tracks, it’s but a very minor quibble. You can order the CD via PayPal at http://www.housethegrate.com/?id=order&PHPSESSID=ed18e8e8af54afb919a29a8c55d6d126. It’ll be the best $10 you’ll ever spend. Ever. Did I mention that shipping is free?! Get to it, nuggahz!!!

In other news, I have my first guitar lesson with Rich tomorrow and I can’t wait!! I played Ben a couple of new riffs I’ve been working on and he said they were cool.

Well, I’m gonna take a shit so I’ll see you cats on the flipside. Later!