I Wanna Improve My Blog

Hello everyone!

As you might have noticed, there’s been a lot of change going on as of late.

We have Barack Obama, our nation’s first black president, coming into office within mere months. Gas has dropped to $1.89 a gallon (and me with no car to enjoy it). Winter is fast approaching, as are Thanksgiving (the commercially forgotten holiday) and Christmas (the “let’s go overboard!” holiday).

In the spirit of change, I’ve been making changes to the site. Some subtle, some quite noticable.

First off, I decided to wipe off a lot of my ads. The reasons behind this are because I wasn’t making that much money from them (less than a $1 combined in almost six months time) and they were a bit of an eyesore. My main sources of income online are text link ads, donations, some eBay, and submitting content to Associated Content.

I’ve been spending a lot of time reading other blogs and learning how they do things. Whether it’s adding a new service or nixing bad habits, I’m trying to incorporate some of what they do in order to increase the readership and overall funness of TheAndySan.com. At the risk of sounding like a selfish bastard (hey, I need money and stuff too you know! lol), I’m also doing this to increase my financial income in addition to upping my personal well-being.

The stats for TheAndySan.com have been quite favorable, but I think that I can do better. I’m asking you (yes, you!), the readers of TheAndySan.com what you would like to see here. Whether it’s a post topic, a cool widget, an essential tool for bloggers like me, or something else entirely, leave me a comment below!