Finding A Job Is Hard!

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As you may know, I was given an ultimatum in November; get a job by January 1st or move out. I’ve been working on making an income to support myself through this website, but it’s not enough to do that just yet.

What I plan to do is to get myself a job that doesn’t consume too much of my time and gives me enough money to keep my expenses in check. I know that this goes against what I said about jobs being evil and all that, but I have a goal that I am pursuing and I don’t intend on being employed for years. When I am able to reach my goal of being able to consistently make enough money to cover and exceed my expenses, then I will quit my job and work on my blog full-time.

How Much I Made Online In November

I would like to thank everyone who’s helping me make my goal of living off the income from my blog a reality. My streams of income from this blog are Text Link Ads, Associated Content, Amazon Affiliates, and Guitar Leads.

The Text Link Ads are doing really well for me. They pulled in around $21 last month and are expected to reach beyond $30 for this month.

The work that I publish at Associated Content is also a good source of income. Although not as high as my Text Link Ads, it’s getting somewhere. Thus far, I’ve published 3 articles with them and I was paid a bit less than $5. Sure it’s not a lot, but I like using it because I can publish content there and then post it here. It does limit the amount that I can make from Associated Content, but it gives me the most control and allows me to monetize the content here on as well as there at Associated Content.

New Affiliate Programs

I decided to bring back Amazon Affiliates because I heard of the great success guys like Danny Choo had with it. Because my posts are a little more focused than the last time I had Amazon Affiliates here, the ads are more focused as well. There are some weird things being displayed, but nothing serious. The ads mostly show guitar equipment, personal development books, music, movies, and some video games; just what I want. I hope that it performs well, but we’ll see in time.

Guitar Leads is a new program that I stumbled across. It’s a great program and they gave me a $100 sign-up bonus! I have great faith that Guitar Leads will be a good performer in the coming months.

Where To Go From Here

The obvious thing to do in order to make a good living online is to continue writing great content, which I will do. I would like to hear from you guys. What do you think would boost my income online? What can I do to improve upon my content? Leave me a comment!