Message To Mully (Re: This Might Bore You)

Message To Mully (Re: This Might Bore You)


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In this response video to This Might Bore You on the mullyandtomoko channel, I talk about what inspired me to pick up the guitar as well as make a small request to Mr. Mully.


Here’s the original video for your viewing pleasure:


This Might Bore you


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Q&A – 07 – David Ellefson & Chris Broderick

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07 – Q&A – David Ellefson & Chris Broderick Jackson Guitar & Bass Clinic @ Guitar Trader/Music Power San Diego [10-27-2011] 720p. Enjoy!


Here are the questions (tune in for the answers):


Q1: About Chris’ custom thumbpick.


Q2: The bass solo to Take No Prisoners.


Q3: The bass solo to My Last Words.


Q4: Before he came into the band, did Chris have to learn any of Dave Mustaine’s solos?


Q5: About Megadeth’s songwriting process.


Q6: Does Megadeth write in and/or avoid certain keys to accommodate Dave Mustaine’s voice?


Q7: What kind of challenges does Chris have when learning Marty Friedman & Chris Poland’s solos?



Marty Friedman's Winning Pick & The Big Four

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In this mobile video, I talk about which guitar pick I bought from Marty Friedman, going to the Big Four concert, and my recent guitar review videos that I put out over the weekend.



Vlog 66 Part 2-2 – Top 5 BlipTV Videos

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Continuing from where we left off, let’s look at my top 5 videos that are mainly on BlipTV. Here we go!!


05 – Movie Night 04 – Space Transformers

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Although this is the last of our Movie Night series, we definitely saved the best for last! We knew this movie very well and the riff came out well!


04 – First Impact Anime 09 – Naruto

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The Talkin’ Vedalken edited & uploaded this video while I was at boot camp, and he did a great job! He even added a counter for how many references I make to Little Kuriboh’s Naruto: The Abridged Series (15 if memory serves).


03 – Movie Night 02 – Defenders of Space

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I’m not sure what it is with us and space-themed shows, but I think our best riffs come from this sub-genre. It was pure ridiculum!


02 – Behind The Flop 01 – Movie Night 01 Blooper Reel


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I came up with an idea for doing a behind-the-scenes mini-series showing bloopers and extended cuts of the intro tracks, and the best one I think is the very first one we did!


01 – [TIE] “Movie Night 00 – Teaser Trailer”

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01 – [TIE] “First Impact Anime 00 – Teaser Trailer”

If you can’t see the above video, click here.


Pure win!! ‘Nuff said!


Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this fun look back at my back catalog of videos! I’ll put up links and stuff sometime this weekend when I have a bit more time to work on it. Until then, have a good one! Bye!





BGM Artist: Marty Friedman


BGM: Perpetual Burn

BGM Artist: Jason Becker


BGM: Fuzz Universe

BGM Artist: Paul Gilbert


BGM: Steve Vai Solo LIVE at Monsters of Rock 1990

BGM Artist Steve Vai (with Whitesnake)

Vlog 66 Part 1-2 – Top 5 YouTube Videos

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Well folks, I can’t believe that five years (and a week) ago today, I signed up to the biggest online video distribution website in the world, not to mention the breeding ground for up-and-coming talent in the media industry.


Now granted, I have nowhere near the large subscriber base of people who joined YouTube around the same time as me (sXePhil, TokyoCooney, RodgerSwan, etc), but despite that, I still make videos chronicling my life and how it has changed over these past 5 years.


Heck, I can even go back a year and look at the kind of videos I was doing then and see the differences between then and now. I believe that my videos underwent a major change after I graduated US Navy boot camp in late August 2010. I also started doing the N-FAQs series on a regular basis around this time as well.


Now before I get all gushy-eyed, let’s begin our trip down memory lane and look at my Top 10 videos of the past 5 years! Due to the time limits on YouTube (15 minutes as of 03-08-2011), I split up the video into two parts. In this video, we’ll be going over my Top 5 videos that are primarily on YouTube. Here we go!


05 – Vlog 04 – Going Around Town

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This video marked my very first attempt at using video editing software (Sony Vegas, which I still continue to use even today, although I keep it up-to-date), whereas my other videos were filmed in one take and sometimes compiled via Total Video Converter, like in my very first guitar video. Vlog 04 is also a very early precursor to the Life In…Video series.


04 – Pie In The Face (Navy Style)

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This video, while it was an editing nightmare due to YouTube’s 15 minute time limit and the very large amount of footage that I took, was and still is a blast to watch!


03 – Life In…Video 02 – Celina & Coldwater Ohio’s Bike Path

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This video to me was the beginning of a more refined editing sense in my videos. I had done a bunch of at-the-time new things like add music & record while riding on my bicycle. Although I replicated it on videos afterward, I feel that I haven’t quite recaptured the mojo of this video!


02 – Vlog 21 Part 1 – Life Plans Chipotle Finders

If you can’t see the above video, click here.


02 – Vlog 21 Part 2 – Goin’ Downtown To Myles Dairy Queen

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These two videos I believe are my most under-rated of all time! I had to split this video into two parts because of YouTube’s at-the-time 10 minute time limit, but it seemed to work out just fine. I did things a lot differently in this video that I haven’t done before or even since, like add those pixelated transitions ala Parker Lewis Can’t Lose. I had a blast recording & editing this video, and I believe it really shows! Even Rodger Swan, one of my YouTube heroes, gave it great praise and always referred to it as one of my better videos!!


01 (TIE) – Al Di Meola LIVE at Anthology San Diego [02-19-2011] – Midnight Tango + Medley (Full HD 1080p)

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01 (TIE) – Al Di Meola LIVE at Anthology San Diego [02-19-2011] – Race With Devil On Spanish Highway (Full HD 1080p)

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Although I didn’t edit these videos AT ALL, they recorded a very special moment in my life and they’re also my first set of videos in Full 1080p HD!! Great meal, great music, unforgettable times!


In the next video, we’ll go over my Top 5 BlipTV videos. Stay tuned!




BGM: Song of Solomon

BGM Artist: Animals As Leaders


BGM: Red Moon

BGM Artist: Al Di Meola



BGM Artist: Marty Friedman

Life In…01 – Celina Ohio's Grand Lake Lighthouse

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In this video, I show you around the Grand Lake Lighthouse in Celina Ohio.

In Celina, the most notable place is Grand Lake, which is Ohio’s largest inland lake. The majority of our festivals involve the lake, such as Lakefest and the annual Regatta (boat race), and provides a great excuse to get insanely drunk among other things.

I am proud to debut my newest series of videos, where I take you to different places and show off the landmarks and such. And yes, this series will continue when I’m in the Navy and visiting many different ports-of-call.

Feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions for future videos; after all, how else can I improve my videos if nobody says anything? Also, be sure to read & subscribe to my blog (link’s always at the top of every video) to keep on the up-and-up wit what I’m up to.


BGM Title: Escape The Night

BGM Artist: Hawaii (with Marty Friedman)

BGM Album: Loud, Wild, and Heavy EP

Vlog 32 – Getting A New Guitar Or Camera & Navy Weight Update

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I might be getting a new guitar or a camera soon, depending on how much I get back from my income tax return.

If I’m able to get a guitar, I’ll be getting a PRS SE One in Antique White. I want to add a neck humbucker to it as well as change the positions of the volume knob and the 3-way pickup selector switch that I’ll need.

If I’m unable to get a guitar, I’ll just get a Sanyo Xacti VPC TH1.

I’m also getting close to raising the amount for keeping online for another year with only about $20 left to go!

As far as my weight goes, I finally reached my goal of losing 15 lbs this past Friday! My Navy recruiter decided to reschedule when I go back in to MEPS for this Thursday-Friday so I’ll just be doing more situps and running outside to shrink my waist until then.

Even though I lost over 15 lbs and can fit into Size 34 jeans again, which I haven’t been able to do since high school, I’ve only lost an inch around my waist. It’s certainly not bad, but I expected to lose more inches along with the pounds.

Well, it’s been fun, but I’m gonna hit the sack soon so I’ll see you guys on the flipside! Have fun!


P.S: If you didn’t hear any background music, it’s because I had to remove it. If I did, I probably should have listened to HikoSaemon in the first place and used something with a Creative Commons License, haha!!

BGM Title: “With Me” from the game “Sonic and the Black Knight”

BGM Artists: Emma Gelotte, Tinna Karlsdotter, and special guest Marty Friedman

J-Vid 05 – Top 5 Lists

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In this video, I go through five Top Five lists. For your convenience, I have added subtitles in English after every sentence so you can read what I’m saying.

Feel free to leave me a comment or a video response so that I can improve my Japanese. Thanks!!


Megadeth ENDGAME Album Review

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Buy Megadeth’s Endgame from Amazon!

Over the weekend and doing without Internets, I decided to listen to Endgame, the newest album by Megadeth. Let’s begin the review:

Personal Backstory

I’ve been a fan of Megadeth since the Countdown to Extinction era, although I was a casual fan back then. I enjoyed their radio hits like Symphony of Destruction and Angry Again, which I still think is one of then-lead guitarist Marty Friedman’s best solos, alibiet one of his simplest.

It wasn’t until around when Guitar Hero II came out, with Hanger 18 on it, that I began to look deeper into Megadeth’s discography to find all the good stuff that I was missing by sticking to only the Megadeth that I heard on the radio, especially albums like Rust In Peace and Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying.

Since Megadeth frontman/guitarist Dave Mustaine acquired new lead guitarist Chris Broderick, formerly of Jag Panzer and Nevermore, back in early 2008, many fans including myself have been wondering what this new guy will bring to the arsenal of Megadeth. Read on, Megafan!

The Goodies

Comparisons to Metallica have plagued Megadeth since the very beginning, and when comparing Metallica’s Death Magnetic to Endgame and seeing which band came the closest to how they were at their peak, it’s got to be Megadeth.

Granted, Metallica put out some killer material for Death Magnetic and I’m excited that they’re returning to their older style, but Megadeth has worked long and hard to put their over-commercialized and quite frankly un-Megadeth albums like Risk behind them.

The first single Head Crusher reminds me of the crazy-ass Peace Sells era, and even a little bit of the So Far So Good So What era with the oft-ignored Jeff Young on lead guitar. Poor-poor Jeff, but I digress…

Many a Megadeth fan cringed when they heard the acoustic intro to The Hardest Part of Letting Go…Sealed With a Kiss. Megadeth and grandpa’s guitars? Yeah, like it’s never been done before *coughAToutLaMondecough*. If you can stand to wait a minute or so, then you’ll be treated to an interesting combination of Megadeth and a string orchestra. It honestly reminds me of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, if it was lead by Dave Mustaine. Fun Fact: Al Pitrelli, the lead guitarist that replaced Marty Friedman after he left in January 2000, plays a major part in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well as plays in it.

The Baddies

Broderick’s playing style has been compared frequently to Marty Friedman’s, whereas the previous lead guitarist Glen Drover’s style had been compared to Chris Poland’s, although I think that Broderick’s style is closer to Mustaine’s than anyone else’s. Some might call this a complement, and in most regards it is.

However, in the context of Megadeth where the guitar’s leadwork can switch players at the drop of a hat, it’s best when both players have a unique style so that we can tell each player apart when they’re doing their thing. It’s one of the reasons why the Mustaine/Friedman lineup is considered the best, although the Mustaine/Poland lineup produced some of the scariest guitar playing of the 80s this side of Cacophony and Racer X.

If you liked or at least tolorated the style of Megadeth’s previous album United Abominations, then you’ll be in fairly familiar territory, especially when it comes to Mustaine’s vocals. I miss his Alice Cooper-esque snarl, which has turned into more of an Andrew W.K.-esque grunt over the years. Not that it’s a bad thing, but it just doesn’t work on every single song.

Dave’s vocals have little to no change in tone and intention from song to song, unlike during the Rust In Peace and Countdown To Extinction eras where he would switch up between his trademark snarl and growl as well as switch to a surprisingly good singing voice. We’re not talking good from a technical level like Christina Aguilara, but a much better singing voice than one would expect from someone with a vocal style like Dave.

The Uglies

Ever since Dave stopped using Jackson Guitars and switched to using other brands like ESP and now Dean Guitars, I’ve noticed that his tone has gotten a lot bassier and less trebley. Although it still sounds like Dave, I do miss that extra bit of treble that made his guitar tone sizzle.

Chris Broderick, while quite the impressive player who’s been talked of highly by Dave in many interviews (even once comparing finding Broderick to Ozzy finding Randy Rhoads), doesn’t seem to have found his own style within Megadeth. I listened to some of his older material to gain a better perspective on his overall style, and it seems that while he appears to be a very stiff guitar player, every once in awhile he cuts loose and it’s fun to watch him go to town.

He hits all the right notes cleanly and everything and is definitely the best lead guitarist Megadeth has had since Marty Friedman (just watch him play a Megadeth classic like Tornado of Souls), but he needs to put more of himself into his playing or else he’ll just be another guitarist trying in vein to outshine Chris Poland and Marty Friedman.

The Verdict

Despite having a new lead guitarist who hasn’t found a distinguishable style, inevitable and eternal comparisons to Metallica, and vocals that lack dynamics, Megadeth’s Endgame is still proof positive that classic thrash and speed metal still runs strong without having to tune down to Drop-Z like everyone else currently in the metal genre.

Tracks To Give a Clicky-Click

– Head Crusher

– How The Story Ends

– 44 Minutes

– Dialectic Chaos

– Bite The Hand

– The Hardest Part of Letting Go…Sealed With a Kiss (just make it past the 1:42 mark, guys!)


P.S: Thanks for all of your comments and support over the years! If it weren’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have made it to this, my 100th video!!! Here’s to many more videos!!!

Lost Vlog 4 – Of Goal Boards & Guitars

If you can’t see the video, click here.

This vlog was originally suppose to be Vlog 16, but I decided to rerecord it because the room was too dark. Thankfully, I didn’t delete it because I talk about some cool stuff

In this video, I talk about my new goal board, different guitars that I want, and I show you some of the changes that I did to the apartment since my tour video.

At this point, I haven’t yet propped up my mini-fridge with two pieces of wood. They were originally shelves that I got from an entertainment center that was being thrown away nearby.

On my goal boards, I have the following goals/intentions:

“I deliver $1,337 worth of value to others and am rewarded accordingly.”

“I am grateful for owning a Peavey Vypyr 75.”

“I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman.”

“I am the proud owner of a Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue.”

“I weight 180 lbs.”

“I am the frontman for my band Chrome Sparks as the lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist with *blank* on lead guitar/backup vocals/screams, *blank* on drums, and *blankitty-blank* on bass/backup vocals”

Here’s the links to the Steve Pavlina videos that I mentioned:

Steve’s house tour and the goals boards

Steve’s views on polyamory

At the time, I was saving up for a PRS SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue and had around $60. Before I had to suddenly move back with my folks, I had amassed $134.02 total. Keep in mind that I got all this strictly from tips and all of the change in my wallet left over at the end of the day as well as some change found lying around. However, I did keep eight quarters (that’s $2 for my international audience) in my wallet just in case.

Besides the PRS, I want to own The Dean From Hell, a Jackson Kelly, a Jackson Kelly Star (think of a Kelly fusing with a Randy Rhoads asymmetrical V), and a Carvin V220 (which is quite the unique instrument indeed).

The Jackson Kelly and the Carvin V220 were both used by Marty Friedman when he was in Megadeth and Cacophony respectively. I tried unsuccessfully to get his signature Ibanez SZ model, of which there are two versions: one in blue with two humbuckers and another in red with a single humbucker and a killswitch instead of a volume knob. Do I really have to say which one I wanted? *it’s the blue one*

I have already recorded a video showing how to play Chrome Sparks’ Riff Idea #3, but I still need to edit it first because it’s a bit long as it is, around 14 minutes and 14 seconds long to be exact. In the meantime, you can listen to all of my Riff Ideas here at the only official MySpace of Chrome Sparks!

As always, enjoy the video and comments are appreciated, but be warned: if your comments are hateful, demeaning, or just plain mean, I will block you. I will reply to them though for all my nice viewers to see, but not you! Life’s too short to be consumed with negativity. Enjoy!!


P.S: This post was made with Two! Minutes! To Midnight!! This has been your complementary Iron Maiden reference, and please enjoy the rest of your stay.