My Daily Views Are Up To 824!!!1

Hello everyone, it’s the Andy-San here just gettin’ up.

I found out that my once highest traffic day of 640 views has been broken today with 824 views. And the scary thing is that the day’s just begun so it’s only up from here!

Not too much happened to me yesterday on my day off. I did sign up for guitar lessons at the music store with Rich. He seems like a real knowledgeable guy and when he asked me if I was into any classic rock, I mentioned UFO and he said that Michael Schenker is one of his favorite guitarists and the reason he bought a Flying V. He then played Rock Bottom perfectly. Speaking of guitars, Rich let me play his Gibson Les Paul for a bit. I just played a part from Angel by Marty Friedman. So I’m gonna be taking lessons from Rich every Tuesday at 3.

I’m gonna be partying it up at UU this coming Tuesday (after my guitar lesson of course lol) for Eric’s 21st b-day, nuggaz!! I can’t wait!!

Well, I’m gonna take a shit and a shower so I’ll see you guys later. Oh, and keep the views coming. I’d love to break 1,000 in daily views!! See-ya!