Q&A – 07 – David Ellefson & Chris Broderick

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07 – Q&A – David Ellefson & Chris Broderick Jackson Guitar & Bass Clinic @ Guitar Trader/Music Power San Diego [10-27-2011] 720p. Enjoy!


Here are the questions (tune in for the answers):


Q1: About Chris’ custom thumbpick.


Q2: The bass solo to Take No Prisoners.


Q3: The bass solo to My Last Words.


Q4: Before he came into the band, did Chris have to learn any of Dave Mustaine’s solos?


Q5: About Megadeth’s songwriting process.


Q6: Does Megadeth write in and/or avoid certain keys to accommodate Dave Mustaine’s voice?


Q7: What kind of challenges does Chris have when learning Marty Friedman & Chris Poland’s solos?