My Second YouTube Channel

If you can’t see the video, click here.

I’ve had a second account for almost a year now, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Until now…

Should I post different videos to it? Switch over to it? Upload videos there first? These were some of the questions posed to me.

Well kids, after some contemplation, I’ve decided to actually do something with the account. I’m making it a backup account for all of my videos, not just in case this account gets nuked, but so that you guys have another source for my videos.

Here’s the link to my new YouTube channel

I plan on uploading one vlog a day to TheAndySan account, in the same order they were uploaded to the AndySan account. I’ll also update the descriptions to reflect how the videos relate to me today, ala Deja Vuesday.

I’m encouraging you to subscribe to my second account and please stay subscribed to this account as well because after TheAndySan account get caught up, the AndySan account will be the first place I upload my vlogs (I’ll upload them at least six hours later so in case you missed it or it got buried in your subscriptions feed).

As always, comments are welcome. Just remember to reflect love and love will reflect back at you.