Vlog 51 – LIVE Ustream Broadcast! Vote On The Time!!

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I’ve decided to finally hop on the live broadcasting bandwagon ala UStream and BlogTV! Please leave me a comment to tell me when would be the best day & time to do the broadcast!!

Based on your feedback, I’ll decide on a time & date and then announce it a week ahead of time so it won’t come out of nowhere. Judging from the turnout, I might be doing the live broadcasts either weekly, twice a month, or once a month. If you want me to keep doing them, and on a more frequent basis, then be sure to show up & invite your friends!!

Another thing that I wanted to mention was that the video scheduled for today (Monday) will come out tomorrow on TUESDAY, not Monday like I said in this video. Sorry about that slip of the tongue!

Also, be sure to vote on your favorite video tutorial on making Tuna Salsa by watching the videos below and “liking” the video of your choice!

Video #1

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Video #2

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Your feedback has helped me make (hopefully) better videos for going on FIVE years now! That’s right, on March 1st, I’ll be celebrating my fifth year as a YouTuber! Definitely expect something super-special awesome to come out that day!!!!!

Thanks again, guys!!


Vlog 36 – MEPS Job Results

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So after waiting at MEPS for hours on end, I ended up not getting a rating so I don’t know what to do now…

April Fools!!

Actually, I did get my rating, although it’s different than the one I wanted originally. Instead of the IT rating, I got the STG rating, where I deal with sonar equipment aboard ships and on shore. It’s an advanced rating, which means that instead of going active for 4 years and then inactive for 4 years, I’m active for 6 years and inactive for 2 years after that. However, I’m going to be in A school & C school for the first 2 years so it all evens out.

I also roomed with Tylor, one of my best friends, because he was going to MEPS to get shipped out to boot camp. I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to say goodbye to him, but I’m glad that I got to hang out with him right before he left. Good luck man!

Although I think that the Navy can be an excellent career, right now I’m not sure if I want to go that route. I think that after I’m done with my 6 years of active, I’m gonna do a study abroad program so I can finally go to Japan & do my thing there. This is similar to what the late great Rodger Swan did when he went to Keio University via Western Michigan University.

So my schedule for the next 2 years looks something like this: go to boot camp on June 23rd, complete 6 weeks of introductory classes at Great Lakes IL after boot camp, and then complete both A & C school in lovely San Diego!!

You guys can definitely count on me to record stuff in San Diego, and I also hope to do some collab videos with some of the locals there as well (most notably Jason of the MyArgonauts channel, if he’s still in the area when I get up there & I’m able to leave base).

Well kiddos, my nose is running big time from all the fresh pollen in the air (or maybe the dogs are shedding?) so I’m gonna go and find some meds. See ya later!


J-Vid 05 – Top 5 Lists

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In this video, I go through five Top Five lists. For your convenience, I have added subtitles in English after every sentence so you can read what I’m saying.

Feel free to leave me a comment or a video response so that I can improve my Japanese. Thanks!!


Behind The Scenes of TheAndySan.com

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Updated WordPress.com – Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Blog

How To Use Text-Link-Ads


WordPress (blogging software)

Google Analytics (website traffic analyzing software)

Text-Link-Ads (monetization business)

Google AdSense (monetization business)

DreamHost (domain hosting and registering)

I was watching a video by Jason of the MyArgonauts channel on YouTube and heard that he was thinking about starting up a website dedicated to people in the JET Programme, which in short is a program that sends college graduates to Japan to teach English.

Jason has been in Japan under the JET Programme for 5 years and came back to America in August 2009 so he’s definitely got a story to tell!

The blogging software that I use is called WordPress. It’s very commonly used so it’s easy to find help for it through forums if you need it. There’s also an extensive collection of plugins for WordPress that can enhance your website in many different ways. There are some that keep track of a certain date, some that display your website traffic, some that update your accounts with social media like Twitter and Facebook when you make a new post, and so on.

Since I have my own web domain that’s not a part of a free blogging community like MySpace or Xanga, the options to customize my website are pretty much endless. Because of this freedom, I can take advantage of monetization methods like Google AdSense and Text Link Ads, although there are some free blogging services like Blogger that you can use monetization services like AdSense. For me though, I’m more than happy with buying my own web domain.

The domain hosting and registering company that I go through is called DreamHost. They’re a really reliable company that I have no complaints about. One of the best things about them, aside from their low prices, is that they can auto-install WordPress for you so you don’t have to deal with its sometimes cumbersome manual installation (it might be easier to do now, but it was pretty daunting circa 2008).

Well, that should give you guys an idea of what running a blog is about. If you want a more in-depth article, check out the links I mentioned earlier as well as the following posts by Steve Pavlina:

How To Make Money From Your Blog

How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)