Vlog 66 Part 2-2 – Top 5 BlipTV Videos

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Continuing from where we left off, let’s look at my top 5 videos that are mainly on BlipTV. Here we go!!


05 – Movie Night 04 – Space Transformers

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Although this is the last of our Movie Night series, we definitely saved the best for last! We knew this movie very well and the riff came out well!


04 – First Impact Anime 09 – Naruto

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The Talkin’ Vedalken edited & uploaded this video while I was at boot camp, and he did a great job! He even added a counter for how many references I make to Little Kuriboh’s Naruto: The Abridged Series (15 if memory serves).


03 – Movie Night 02 – Defenders of Space

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I’m not sure what it is with us and space-themed shows, but I think our best riffs come from this sub-genre. It was pure ridiculum!


02 – Behind The Flop 01 – Movie Night 01 Blooper Reel


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I came up with an idea for doing a behind-the-scenes mini-series showing bloopers and extended cuts of the intro tracks, and the best one I think is the very first one we did!


01 – [TIE] “Movie Night 00 – Teaser Trailer”

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01 – [TIE] “First Impact Anime 00 – Teaser Trailer”

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Pure win!! ‘Nuff said!


Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this fun look back at my back catalog of videos! I’ll put up links and stuff sometime this weekend when I have a bit more time to work on it. Until then, have a good one! Bye!





BGM Artist: Marty Friedman


BGM: Perpetual Burn

BGM Artist: Jason Becker


BGM: Fuzz Universe

BGM Artist: Paul Gilbert


BGM: Steve Vai Solo LIVE at Monsters of Rock 1990

BGM Artist Steve Vai (with Whitesnake)

First Impact Anime 09 – Naruto

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In this episode of First Impact Anime, we visit the Ninja Mayor in Ninja Town by watching Naruto!

About First Impact Anime

This is the second totally epic collaboration series starring TheAndySan and The Talkin’ Vedalken, where we review the first episode of an anime series! Instead of just picking out certain scenes and whatnot, we are gonna comment throughout the entirety of the episode, Mystery Science Theater style.

Feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions for future videos! Also, be sure to subscribe to keep on the up-and-up with what we are up to!

Vlog 35 – MEPS Weigh-In Results & The Surprise Is Revealed

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Hey gang, It’s TheAndySan back here from MEPS!

If you’re wondering why there’s no sound in this video, it’s because my camera didn’t record it for some odd reason. I tested it again tonight and it recorded just fine so it must have been just a freak thing I guess.

I’m proud to announce that I PASSED my weigh-in at MEPS!! I still have to diet and exercise to keep my weigh down, but I don’t have to be quite as strict about it. Needless to say, I’m really excited!!

I do have some bad news though. I wasn’t able to get my rating (job) or be sworn in because they didn’t have any ratings for men that day (just women). I’m going back to MEPS for the 3rd time at the end of the month in hopes that I’ll get my IT rating. If it’s not available, I wouldn’t mind doing something else in the Cryptology department,

As I had promised in my previous vlog, I has a surprise for you guys! I got my Federal tax return back and decided to spoil myself a little bit, so I bought a used copy of Pokemon Diamond for about $20 at GameStop. I know, I know; I’m too old to play these kiddie games, but I love the original RPG-style Pokemon games very much! In fact, it was through the Pokemon comics in Nintendo Power that I began to watch Pokemon on TV and thus anime. Even though I watched My Neighbor Totaro and Samurai Pizza Cats long before Pokemon, it was Pokemon along with DragonBall-Z that originally got me interested in anime.

Anyway, I’d also like to ask you guys for some ideas for future videos. I have a couple in mind, but I want to hear from you, my audience, first. Please feel free to leave me your suggestions in the comments below!

If it’s an idea for an anime review, please try to make it a 13-26 episode series instead of a long epic like Naruto or One Piece. It’s not that I hate long-running anime (I love Bleach and I’m getting back into One Piece), it’s just that it would take me forever to do a review for them, and even if I did manage to do it, it would be too generic as the great seasons (or sagas, whatever you call them) would be weighed down by the crappy ones. For now, I’d also like to stick with something from within the past five years to draw in more viewers. OVAs are perfectly acceptable too! I’m also bouncing around an idea in my head for a collab video with my best bud Eriopolis, so keep your eyes peeled for that too!

Well kids, that’s all the time I have for today. I won’t be able to get online at all next week so I’ll see you guys sometime the following week, probably before I go back to MEPS. Until then, I’ll be playing Pokemon Diamond and watching some newly-downloaded anime. See ya next time!!


P.S: If you didn’t hear any background music, it’s because I had to remove it. If I did, I apologize.

BGM Title: “Taking The ‘A’ Train”

BGM Artist: Duke Ellington

640 Views?!! Oh My Gawd!!!1

Hello everyone, it’s the Andy-San hurr with some grate news!!

First up, I looked at my stats and I saw that I’ve had 640 views today!! Wowzers!!!1 Whatever you guys are doing, keep it up! I’d love to break 1,000 views!

Next, after far too much procrastination, I’ve decided to <alert=”spoiler”> buy a CD online. </alert> As far as what CD I bought, I’ll keep mum about it for the moment.

Guys, it feels good to know that a lot of people are watching and reading my blog. I’m gonna do my best to give you better blogs, slogs, and vlogs.

Well, I’m gonna try to watch some Naruto again. See-ya!


A Blog About Justin Timberlake

Hey-hey-hey, it’s the Andy-San here with a blog about Justin Timberlake lol!

Dear Justin Timberlake,

I hate you. Why do you have to make such insanely catchy songs?! Hmm-hmm. My-Love. Fuck!! I hate you. Please die in a hole to atone for your musical sins.

Your Worst Fan,


I’ve been trying to watch Naruto from the beginning, but my anime ADD is acting up as of late. I did watch some episodes of The Big Bang Theory on CBS.com. They were pretty funny. Check ’em out when you can!

The new carpet for the living room and Jon’s room has been put down so all of our stuff is back where it was. Finally! The new carpet feels grate too!

Well, I’m gonna try to watch some Naruto again. Wish me luck!


P.S: I saw that I have 119 views today. Sweet! Thanks guys! Tell all your friends about me!!