Vlog 104 – February 2012 Update

February 2012 Update – Vlog 104


In this webcam video from Starbucks, I talk about being TAD on a ship, the upload schedule, the status of my upcoming videos, working on the ship, and resuming my normal schedule at the end of this month.


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P.S: if you guys know the setlist for the Eric Johnson show on January 22nd 2012 at House of Blues San Diego, please leave something in the comments or message me on YouTube.

Vlog 102 – January 2012 Update

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In my highly anticipated first update video of the year, I talk about enjoying my time home for the holidays, moving videos to my second channel, toying with the idea of doing picture blog posts, the status of Love Hina Abridged, making new & updated episodes of NFAQs again, new review series where I review new issues of Guitar World & musicians’ autobiographies, starting up a three-part mini-series where I review each season of Misfits, quitting Twitter, giving a shout-out to my bro Rog’s YouTube channel where he goes over video game glitches from current games, and a new episode of First Impact Anime as well as the status of the second season of FIA.


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N-FAQs 22 – What I Can & Can't Say About The Navy

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Click here for The Department Of The Navy’s Guide To Unofficial Internet Posts!


In this week’s N-FAQs, I go over how I handle what to talk about & what not to talk about when it comes to the Navy.


Thanks for tuning in! You can submit questions of your own by personal message or via the comments below! If your question is picked to be featured in an episode of N-FAQs, then I’ll put up a link to your YouTube page in addition to giving you a shout-out. If you would like to remain anonymous, please say so in your message. Hooyah!!


Thanks for all of your questions so far, and if you have any more, by all means keep them coming!




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N-FAQs 21 – Top 5 Most Asked Questions

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In this episode of N-FAQs, I go over the most frequently asked questions!


Links & Things:

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How I Lost 20 lbs In 2 Months For The US Navy Without Starving Myself




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