N-FAQs 06 – Navy & Marriage (and Damage Control)

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To learn more about the Damage Controlman rate, click here.

In this week’s episode of N-FAQS, I answer your questions about Navy wives and what a Damage Controlman does!

I recorded this N-FAQ on my webcam back when I was still in Great Lakes. For some reason, I never got around to uploading it until now.


just wanted to let you know that your videos help a lot made my decsion easier to join the navy keep it up

idk if you know but im married and have a child i currently live in the san deigo area since i have a family will i have more of a chance to get staioned in san deigo or on the west coast?

Also i want to be a DC do you know anything about this rate or what asvab score i need to get to be a DC? jwing


Thanks man, will do!!

Since you’re married, they’re probably gonna work with you as far as either stationing you close to your family or just moving them with you to your next command.

As far as DCs go, I’m not too knowledgeable on what they do exactly, but check out the link at the top to learn more about DCs.

Hope this helped!!

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