Vlog 100 – Vlog 100!

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Lots to talk about in this, my 100th vlog!


In this vlog, I talk about the status of Love Hina Abridged, bringing back WAR (Wednesday Album Review) and N-FAQs, possibly starting up a new series where I give you guys a Navy word-of-the-day, and an important announcement about me applying for YouTube Partnership.


By the beginning of 2012, I’m removing ALL of my flagged videos from my main channel (mostly concert videos and some vlogs) and moving them to my secondary YouTube channel.


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Happy Veterans Day 2011

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I know I’m a little late on this one, but I still want to say thanks to all those serving in the armed forces and to those who have already served!






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P.S: If you can’t see what my paper says, it’s this:


I have a steady job with a regular paycheck, great benefits, and lots of room for promotion.


In five years, I will be debt-free and be able to go back to college for free.


I am the 1% of the 99% that decided hard work and sacrifice were more prudent than complaining about how life is too hard and I’m not getting any free handouts.


Happy Veterans Day!

Vlog 98 – November 2011 Video Update

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Today I talk about Love Hina Abridged, The House of Blues Simple Plan Incident, going to Jake Shimabukuro’s concert at Anthology San Diego, giving a shout-out to Blabbermouth.net for embedding my videos and giving them more exposure, and the status for my Tentacle Difficulties EP as well as N-FAQs and other Navy-related videos.


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Lost Vlog 14 – Hard Rock Cafe Chicago & Westin Inn

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In this previously unpublished vlog, I show off my Navy Dress Blues uniform and then take you on a tour of the hotel that my family stayed in when they visited me in Chicago as well as downtown Chicago and Hard Rock Cafe Chicago. Enjoy!




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N-FAQs 22 – What I Can & Can't Say About The Navy

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Click here for The Department Of The Navy’s Guide To Unofficial Internet Posts!


In this week’s N-FAQs, I go over how I handle what to talk about & what not to talk about when it comes to the Navy.


Thanks for tuning in! You can submit questions of your own by personal message or via the comments below! If your question is picked to be featured in an episode of N-FAQs, then I’ll put up a link to your YouTube page in addition to giving you a shout-out. If you would like to remain anonymous, please say so in your message. Hooyah!!


Thanks for all of your questions so far, and if you have any more, by all means keep them coming!




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