A Blog About Justin Timberlake

Hey-hey-hey, it’s the Andy-San here with a blog about Justin Timberlake lol!

Dear Justin Timberlake,

I hate you. Why do you have to make such insanely catchy songs?! Hmm-hmm. My-Love. Fuck!! I hate you. Please die in a hole to atone for your musical sins.

Your Worst Fan,


I’ve been trying to watch Naruto from the beginning, but my anime ADD is acting up as of late. I did watch some episodes of The Big Bang Theory on CBS.com. They were pretty funny. Check ’em out when you can!

The new carpet for the living room and Jon’s room has been put down so all of our stuff is back where it was. Finally! The new carpet feels grate too!

Well, I’m gonna try to watch some Naruto again. Wish me luck!


P.S: I saw that I have 119 views today. Sweet! Thanks guys! Tell all your friends about me!!