WAR 01 – Orianthi BELIEVE Album Review

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Starting today, I’m going to be doing a new weekly feature on Wednesdays called WAR, which stands for Wednesday Anime/Album Review. Since my anime and album reviews have been generating positive feedback, I owe it to you guys to do more of them, and on a consistent basis too.

For my first WAR, I’d like to review Orianthi’s CD Believe:

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Yesterday, I listened to the newest CD by Orianthi, who most of you might know from the clips of Michael Jackson’s last rehersal that have been compiled into the movie This Is It. Orianthi’s newest CD, Believe, is certainly making me believe in women taking the jump from singing in a hard rock band to playing killer guitar in a hard rock band, solos and everything! Time to dive right into the review:

Personal Backstory

Like the vast majority of people, I first heard of Orianthi through the “leaked” tapes of Michael Jackson’s rehersal for his comeback/farewell tour bluntly called This Is It.

I then saw clips online of this amazing girl blowing my ass away with her incredible guitar prowess and stunning phrasing. When I watched a clip of her performing her song Lights of Manos, she sounded like Carlos Santana on a coffee binge trying to play Steve Vai licks. In other words, awesome!

After that, I was hooked! I then watched her play some acoustic versions of her songs like Drive Away and Untogether, and it showed me that she was a killer songwriter in addition to being a killer guitarist.

The Goodies

Although this is only her second album (her first was Violet Journey, released back in 2007), it’s one that people are going to be talking about for years to come!

Right from the beginning with the first single According To You, this album gets me feeling giddy! It’s chick rock cranked to the max and the vocals remind me of Taylor Swift ala You Belong With Me, but without the southern accent. The pop punk rhythms are simply smashing and the solo will take the piss out of even the best guitarists.

The song Sufficated is heavy as all hell and I’m getting a real Evanesense vibe with it! I expect to hear this bad boy on the metal stations very soon if they know what’s good for them!

At first, I didn’t like the sound of Bad News, but when the chorus kicks in at the 29 second mark, I warmed up to it really quick!

When the song Think Like A Man comes on, I swear that I’ve heard this exact song somewhere before. The vocals say country but the music says rock, and it meshes together beautifully!

The acoustic versions of Untogether and Drive Away are some of the songs that I first heard from Orianthi, and their album counterparts sound very different. Untogether sounds like what Red Hot Chili Peppers and Weezer would sound like if they formed a band together. The album version of Drive Away sounds like a slow alternative rock jam session instead of the quick and punchy acoustic version, but it’s still enjoyable.

Orianthi’s instrumental track Highly Strung sounds like she snagged Steve Vai for a couple of minutes and kicked out the jams. If you’re a fan of Vai like I am, then this track should give you your 4-minute fix.

The Baddies & The Uglies

It was a very sad day for me when I heard about MJ’s death as it was for everyone who listened to his music. Sure, lots of us have been cracking jokes at his personal live since 1993, but the man’s music and moves were near-and-dear to people who grew up in the 80s.

Being on the 30-second clip of one of Michael Jackson’s last rehersals that’s been shown a gazillion times on TV and online, Orianthi shouldn’t have a problem getting exposure for this album.

Songs like Believe, Feels Like Home, and God Only Knows were too country for my tastes. I’m not saying they’re bad; they’re just not my thing.

There were also two bonus tracks to this album, Find It and Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over. I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to them yet because I don’t have them, but I’m gonna keep trying to get them so that I can enjoy the album in its entirety.

The Verdict

Despite coming off too country-ish on some tracks, Orianthi’s Believe is a hard rocking classic that will absolutely blow your mind and make you rethink chicks in rock bands!

7 Tracks To Give a Clicky-Click

– According To You

– Sufficated

– Bad News

– Think Like A Man

– Untogether

– Drive Away

– Highly Strung