[*OPEN*] Love Hina Abridged – Shinobu Auditions

[*OPEN*] Love Hina Abridged – Shinobu Auditions



Link to Episode 02’s script


Shinobu’s original VA audition video



I’m holding auditions for a new Shinobu. Here are the rules (not copy-pasta’d this time):


1 – To submit your audition, post your audition as a video response to this video ONLY.


2 – The audition has to be at least 1 minute long, but no longer than 2 minutes.



Happy auditioning!!




Love Hina Abridged Episode 01 – Pilot

Love Hina Abridged Episode 01 – Pilot


This is my first attempt at making an abridged series so don’t be too harsh on my crappy editing 😉


Cast List


Keitaro – OreimoAbridgedSeries

Naru – MagicalHelena

Shinobu – MinokoNya

Motoko – Ressey101

Su – cameraguy4sale

Kitsune – AndySan

Aunt Haruka – sydsnap

Kentaro – yuoaman


Written by: AndySan and thechuckwood

Edited by: AndySan



My Little Bonecrusher – Friendship Is Never Scared

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Here’s a fun little clip from PONIES The Anthology. Enjoy!



First Impact Anime 08 – Excel Saga

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This week on First Impact Anime, we review Excel Saga; the weirdest anime ever!

About First Impact Anime

This is the second totally epic collaboration series starring TheAndySan and The Talkin’ Vedalken, where we review the first episode of an anime series! Instead of just picking out certain scenes and whatnot, we are gonna comment throughout the entirety of the episode, Mystery Science Theater style.

Feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions for future videos! Also, be sure to subscribe to keep on the up-and-up with what we are up to!

The Tone Pauper 01 – Esteban Dreadnought Acoustic

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This is just a light-hearted parody of The Tone King’s videos. No, I don’t hate him or anything (in fact, I really like all of his videos and I fought to keep them online); I just wanted to try out reviewing low-end guitars and gear.

Overall, I’m just trying out something new (well, not too new considering my older guitar & amp review videos) to see what you guys enjoy watching. I’m not sure how long this series will be considering how limited my gear selection is, but I might think of something.

Anywho, tell me what you guys think in the comments below and feel free to do a video response (I’ll try to approve your responses ASAP, but I’m not online all of the time contrary to popular belief so be patient). Keep on rockin’! Hell yeah!!

The Tone Pauper aka TheAndySan