Lost Vlog 3 – How I Spent My 4th Of July In 2009

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After having this vlog sit on my hard drive collecting e-dust since the 4th of July, I’ve decided to do something with all this free time and finally got around to editing it.

In this vlog, I’m out in the middle of nowhere on the 4th of July talking about my epic bike ride, how I’m saving up for a new Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 in Whale Blue as well as a Peavey Vypyr (which has been put on hold until I save up for a new place), Michael Jackson’s death (which was very recent at the time), a new guitar book that I bought, then-new music projects like Chrome Sparks as well as possibly new singing videos, and upgrading my Kay Les Paul copy. Can you say run-on sentence? Good.

As always, comments are encouraged and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourselves. Wish me luck in finding a new place!