[*CLOSED*] Love Hina Abridged – Auditions Ending Soon!!

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*October 31st 2011 Update: ALL AUDITIONS ARE CLOSED*


As the title states, the auditions for Love Hina Abridged are coming to a close this weekend. There’s still plenty of time to get your auditions in before the deadline though! I look forward to hearing them!!


After auditions close, I hope to have the cast list up ASAP, and then begin work on the first episode. I’m looking at having the first episode up by the end of November.


In other news, I’m finishing up an AWESOME music video with ponies!! It’ll be uploaded either tonight or tomorrow.


Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll be attending the Jackson clinic at Music Power here in San Diego to see David Ellefson and Chris Broderick of Megadeth! I’m hoping to have videos of the clinic up here, as well as possibly me asking them questions and all that jazz.


Well, that’s all I have for now! Enjoy and please leave me your comments!!




P.S: Sorry about the vlog I uploaded earlier today. Apparently, the sound cut out about a third of the way in. I checked the video on my phone, and there was sound all the way through so it must have been a YouTube encoding snafu. However, I just decided to upload a new video rather than reupload the one on my phone.

My Little Bonecrusher – Friendship Is Never Scared

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Here’s a fun little clip from PONIES The Anthology. Enjoy!