J-Vid 01 – Introduction

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This is my introduction video spoken in Japanese for the senpai/kohai program run by BobbyJudo and CrimsonIgloo. Here’s what I say in Romaji, which is how our alphabet writes the Japanese language:

Hajimemashite, Andy desu.

Ore wa Ohio kara kimashita.

Watashi wa nijuusan-sai desu.

Boku no syumi wa nihongo obenkyou, gita wo hiku, terebi wo mirukoto, anime daisuki da desu

Douzo yoroshiku onigai shimasu.

In my introduction, I say that my name is Andy, I’m from Ohio, I’m 23 years old, my hobbies are studying Japanese, playing guitar, watching TV, and I especially like anime.

The long fourth sentence gave me some trouble as you can see in the outtakes, but ten takes later, I got it right. I look forward to collaborating with you guys more to improve my Japanese!