Another Long Day For Me…Yay…And Contractual Love!!!1

Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San hurr listenin’ to Jeff Beck’s “Where Were You.” It’s an awesome song that you should be listening to right now.

My mom got into an accident today. Don’t worry, she’s ok. I took the day off just in case. The car got banged up pretty bad, but considering that she got hit by a semi that was going 40+ mph, I’m surprised the car’s still in one piece. It actually did more damage to the semi than the car if you can believe it!! The repairs are gonna be hella costly, but hopefully the insurance will cover it or at least most of it.

My bro went to prom today as well. It was with two chicks who were BFFs so he was pimpin’ lol. Actually, one of them was ok looking & really tall. The other one was her DUFF. BFF DUFF OMG WTF BBQ?!!!?!!1

I saw Jess Green of all people at the prom. I don’t think she saw me, but I don’t care. I kept looking to see if she would say hi or something because we were like ten feet away. Now, I told you that story to tell you this story. Back when I was working at Taco Bell, late at night, a husband and wife come in and order their food. I think nothing about it. When they were getting ready to leave, the wife asked me if I was Andy S. (I won’t give out my last name because I’m not retarded lol) and I said yes. She said that she was Jess’ mom and that Jess was getting married. I said that’s cool and said bye to them. That has got to be one of the most awkward conversations I’ve ever had evAr. She recognized me by face (and name-tag, but there’s a lot of Andys around here) and I’d never seen her in my life. Weirdness…

But anyway, I’m happy that Jess is getting married to someone she’s been with for years instead of being like most people around here and getting married after only knowing someone for a couple of months. This brings me to this question: what’s the point of getting married? Besides a ceremony and rings that’ll knock your wallet the fuck out and filing your taxes differently, I don’t see the point. If you love each other, then what else do you need? Now before any of you ladies pull out the tried-and-true c-word that makes men’s nuts shrivel, commitment, let me stop that little brainfart. Commitment is essentially synonymous with boring routine. Yeah, it means dedication, but do you really need a wedding ring to prove it? Marriage basically limits you to one woman and one woman only by a contractual agreement. I’m excluding gay marriages because I’m lazy and believe the same thing applies to them too so nothing against gay people at all. I think that marriage is a way to quell some insecurities in a relationship and in the event it goes sour, you’ll get something out of it financially. I seriously doubt that I’ll get married, but I want to be in a relationship with someone that I love that doesn’t need a contract to prove that I love her. Fuck that shit. In the ass. With a razor dildo.

Well, I’m gonna sign off since I’m gettin’ kinda sleepy. You kids be safe. Nighty-night!


He's The One They Call Dr. Gentleman!!!1

What does the kooky title mean? Nothing, really. Sup, it’s the Andy-San here chillin’.

Not much has happened as of late. I’ve been working a lot at Wal-Mart so my free time is limited. The CD I ordered hasn’t come in yet, but it should be in sometime this coming week.

In other news, I came up with this really cool guitar riff that was initially a string-skipping exercise. I’m thinking of adding it to one of my songs that I’ve been working on for forever. I still can’t wait for my guitar lessons with Rich this Tuesday.

Oh yeah, in my previous post, I said that the most daily views I received were 824. At the end of the day, they reached 892. Thanks again guys!! My next goal is to reach 1,000 daily views.

Due to my extreme boredom and because I have some French viewers, I’m gonna translate this post into French and back into English using the most accurate translation tool at my disposal: WorldLingo lol. Here goes:

Que le titre fou signifie-t-il ? Rien, vraiment. Sup, c’est l’Andy-San ici chillin’.

Pas beaucoup s’est produit en date de tard. J’avais travaillé beaucoup au Wal-Marché ainsi mon temps libre est limité. Le CD que j’ai commandé n’est pas entré encore, mais il devrait avoir lieu en autrefois cette prochaine semaine.

Dans d’autres nouvelles, j’ai fourni ce riff vraiment frais de guitare qui était au commencement un exercice corde-sautant. Je pense à l’ajouter à une de mes chansons que j’avais travaillé dessus pour pour toujours. Je ne peux pas encore attendre mes leçons de guitare avec des riches ce mardi.

Oh ouais, dans mon poteau précédent, j’ai dit que les vues les plus quotidiennes que j’ai reçues étaient 824. À la fin du jour, ils ont atteint 892. Merci types encore ! ! Mon prochain but est d’atteindre 1.000 vues quotidiennes.

En raison de mon ennui extrême et parce que j’ai quelques visionneuses françaises, je vais traduire ce poteau en français et de nouveau dans l’anglais à l’aide de l’outil de traduction le plus précis à ma disposition : Lol de WorldLingo. Va ici :

And now back to English:

What the insane title does it mean? Nothing, really. Sup, it is Andy-San here chillin’.

Not much occurred in date of late. I had worked much at the Wal-Market thus my spare time is limited. CD which I ordered did not enter yet, but it should take place in formerly this next week.

In other news, I provided this really fresh front of guitar which was at the beginning a cord-jumping exercise. I think of adding it to one of my songs which I had worked above for for always. I cannot await yet my lessons of guitar with rich person this Tuesday.

Oh, in my preceding post, I ouais said that the daily sights that I received were 824. At the end of the day, they reached 892. Thank you standard still! ! My next goal is to reach 1.000 daily sights.

Because of my extreme trouble and because I have some French viewers, I will translate this post into French and again in English using the tool for the most precise translation at my disposal: Lol de WorldLingo. Goes here:

Hmm, WorldLingo still has a lot of humorous bugs to work out. They could leave them in for the lulz, but I dunno.

Well, that’s about it for me today. If you’re going to prom, drive safe, wear a comdom, you get the idea. See-ya!