Great White Was FUCKING ON!!!!!!!1

OMG, it’s TheAndySan back from the Great White cancer benefit concert.

The first band up was teays vein. I’ve never heard of them, but they were pretty darn good. The drummer was better than all of them combined and totally outshined them. The vocalist was excellent. The bass player was-a rockin’. The guitarist was…meh. He had 2 bitchin’ Paul Reed Smiths, but he was really low-key. After they were done, we all met them, Jon bought their CD, we all got temporary tattoos of their logo, and chatted for a bit.

After what seemed like forever, Great White got on the stage and they were FUCKIN’ ON!!!1 I mean from start to finish, FLAWLESS!! Backing up a bit, before the doors even opened, we hung out with this very nice couple from Cincinnati. They hooked us up the fat. At the end of the show, we got autographed guitar picks, autographed drumsticks, used guitar picks, and the setlist. Fuckin’ A!!! Oh yeah, and I got the last pick of the night. That’s right, be jealous.

OMG, I’m so fuckin’ psyched man!!!1 Well, I’m gonna get off and eat something before I go to bed. Thank-you and good-night!


P.S: It’s been 1,516 days since I had a website. Also, I’ve finally finalized my AdSense so I can receive payments now. Sv33t! As of tonight, I’m up to almost $90. That’s in-freaking-sane!!!1 Thanks to everyone who made that possible!!!

Whatcha Gonna Do When Eriopolis Runs Wild On j00?!!!1

Mornin’, it’s TheAndySan hurr with some awesome news.

Eriopolis has qualified for regionals in Magic: The Gathering. Right now, my boy E-Dub is in Columbus taking on the best in Ohio. I’m so fucking proud of him, even if he comes home with a big goose egg for victories!! We’re all rooting for you E!!!1

Lately, I’ve been hooked on When The Sun Sleeps by Underoath. I don’t like the screaming at all, but the actual singing parts are totally worth enduring the screams. Give it a whirl on the ol’ dusty CD player!

In other news, I’m gonna be seeing Great White tonight at their cancer benefit concert. I’m totally stoked for this, guys!!

Also in other news, I’ve created Eights and Aces MySpace page. I’ll be in charge of it so when they start doing live shows, I’ll put up videos as well as songs. Check it out at!!

I seriously can’t wait until I get my external hard drive up and running again. Those data recovery services are f’n expensive though. However, considering how much money I’m pulling in with this site, it might not be too much longer til it’s fixed. Data Recovery: I Needs It.

Well, I’m gonna watch some To Love-Ru so I’ll post after the Great White concert. Later days!


P.S: It’s been 1,515 days since I had a website.

Ok, Fine. Here's An Actual Post.

Evenin’, it’s TheAndySan hurr with a double-post.

I guess Google Adsense doesn’t like boobs. It knocked off all my ads and put up PSA ads after my last post. In an attempt to get my ads back, I’m gonna do a post that has nothing to do with boobs. Nothing at all.

I worked my ass off today. First, I took a bike ride around town. I stopped in to Jim’s Computers to see if he could do data recovery for my hard drive. He said no and pretty much told me what I already knew: data recovery services are f’n expensive and it’s highly unlikely that Dusty will be able to fix my hard drive. Ughh, looks like I’ll have to bite the bullet and go through a data recovery service. It’ll be worth every penny though since I’ll get all of my files back.

After that, I sped around town to the music store before going to Wal-Mart. I tried out this unknown bass at the music store, and it sounded pretty good for only $150. If only I had moAr money… I also played on a piano for the first time in what seems like forever. Shane was working at the time and was really impressed with my speed. I think I’m still a bit rusty, but pretty darn good considering I haven’t played piano in a long while.

I’d like to say that I’m making a good amount of money with this site. Due to Adsense’s terms of service, I can’t reveal the exact numbers, but it’s over $30 so far. For this site being open less than two weeks, that’s quite impressive, I think. I would like to thank all of my viewers for showing me that I can make money without wearing a hat or a name tag (editor’s note: also due to Adsense’s terms of service, I cannot encourage you guys to click on my ads. I can humbly thank each and every one of you, though).

Well, I’m gonna hit the hay so I’ll see you guys later. Good-bye!


P.S: It’s been 1,511 days since I had a website. Yes, I know it was in my other post, but my OCD demands that I put it in this one too.