Mission: Move Out By July & Start A New Online Business

Alrighty, I finally have some time to write again!

I’ve been pretty busy with work these past couple weeks, but on the plus side, I’m getting paid again. This is where things begin to pick up for me.

Time To Get A-Move On!

Yup, I’ve been talking a lot about moving out, but I was unsure if I could make it. I talked to Eriopolis about it, and he said that I could room with him when he moves to Bowling Green so long as I have at least $1,500 saved up by July.

I did the math, and I can definitely save up that much (and a little more!) by then without having to cut back on my current expenses. Of course, I’ll have to cut down on¬†unnessesary spending and I could tighten up some of my expenses like food (eating $3 meals instead of $5-$6 meals when I work) in order to save up more.

Bowling Green is a bit of a drive from where I work (about an hour and 10 minutes) so I’ll be looking for a job a bit closer to Bowling Green. Since it’ll be awhile before I move, I’ll have plenty of time to look for a job in that area and even if I don’t get one by the time I move out, I’ll certainly be close to getting one by then.

New Ecommerce Is Serious Business

I was browsing around one day, and I found that I could build my own ecommerce WebStore with Amazon. I looked into it a bit more, and I think that it’s an excellent idea! However, I’m going to do some traffic testing with domain names before I actually put up the WebStore.

I plan on buying a couple of domain names via a domain name registrar called GoDaddy, parking them, using GoDaddy’s parking monetization program as well as the ads I use here to generate a little extra income while they’re parked, do some light AdWords campaigning to bring in some traffic, and measuring their traffic inflow for about 2-3 months. If they pull in at least 50-100 visitors a day fairly consistantly, then I’ll buy the WebStore program and make them my stores. If not, then I’ll sell the names on eBay and start over again.

And the best part about the Amazon WebStore program is that you can use it for multiple domains and it’ll still only cost me $60 a month plus 7% commission of what I sell.

Let’s put this into perspective. Say for instance I sell one guitar for $700. Just one. Amazon take $49 and I get $651. That’s just from one order from one site. Of course, not everything I’ll sell will be $700 guitars, but if I’m able to pull in the traffic, then I’ll be making a scary amount of money and be a member of the New Rich, which is something that I’ve wanted to be ever since I heard about making money online via AdSense back in 2006-2007.

When I renew my website before May (which I figured into my expenses already so I won’t be overspending), I’ll then buy those domains and start the process. I can’t wait to start!!

Where The Road Takes Me

Well, I’m gonna take a nap (I got up too early with a stomachache). Later days!