Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Review

Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Review – Part 1-3 – Unboxing


Here’s the unboxing of my Christmas present, the new Canon PowerShot SX230 HS, in the first part of my three-part review.


Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Review – Part 2-3 – Features


I go over the basic features of my Christmas present, the new Canon PowerShot SX230 HS, in the second part of my three-part review.


Canon PowerShot SX230 HS Review – Part 3-3 – Demo


I give a brief video sample (originally recorded at 1920 x 1080 at 24 fps but converted to 1280 x 720 at 24 fps) where I go over some of the basic features of my Christmas present, the new Canon PowerShot SX230 HS, in the third & final part of my three-part review.


Enjoy & please comment!



Dean ML 79 Blueburst & Jet City 20w Combo Review

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After playing with my new rig for a couple months and some change, I’m FINALLY doing my review of it!


In Part 1 (above), I describe my rig. In Part 2 (below), I actually play through it.


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My guitar is a Dean ML 79 in a blueburst finish. My amp is a Jet City 20w tube combo. It’s an outstanding amp, if you’re poor lol! Tell me what you think by leaving me a comment below.


Oh, before you do that, read the following:


1. It’s not a Gibson guitar.


2. I’m not running through a Marshall stack.


3. I’m not like Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain, Kirk Hammett, Marty Friedman, or any other guitar player out there. Okay, maybe I’m a little like them.


4. Don’t bust my chops about my lack of chops.


Okay, I think that covers everything. Thanks again!



Movie Night 02 – Defenders of Space

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In this week’s episode, we’re reviewing Defenders of Space!

About Movie Night

This is the totally epic collaboration series with my best bud Eriopolis, where we review really bad $1 movies that he bought at Wal-Mart!

Instead of just picking out certain scenes and whatnot, we’re gonna comment throughout the entirety of the movie, Mystery Science Theater style.

Feel free to leave us your comments and suggestions for future videos! Also, be sure to subscribe to both of our channels to keep on the up-and-up with what we’re up to!


Slog 04 – Raw Score 02-04-2008

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Here’s the full text Raw Score from the post JavaJavaJava!!!1:

Tonight’s Raw begins with Randy SnOrton in the ring talking about John Cena using his title shot at WrestleMania to face Orton at No Way Out instead. He then states that he wants Cena to sign a contract obligating him to face Orton at No Way Out. Cena, of course, comes out to sign the contract. Mark Henry, who Cena will face in an arm wrestling match later on, comes out and distracts Cena and Orton RKOs him. 5.5/10 (for a slightly more interesting opening segment, but just slightly)

Back from commercial, we see Orton and Henry being interviewed by Todd Grisham. Generic dialog is had by all. 3/10 (for some very generic dialog that, thankfully, was very short)

Then, Kelly Kelly and Mickie James go up against Victoria and Beth Pheonix. Here’s some interesting dialog that I’m pretty sure JR and King said:

JR – And Kelly Kelly going back to what brought her here in the first place…

King – Yeah a blowjob!

James got the win by Tornado DDTing Victoria. 6.5/10 (for a good, but too short, women’s tag match)

After the match, we see William Regal talking to Hornswoggle about joining the Kiss My Ass Club. It was cut off due to technical gerror. 8.5/10 (for a lulzy technical gerror)

Coming back from the break, Shawn Michaels comes out to vent his frustrations about not winning the Royal Rumble this year and last year as well as not beating John Cena at WrestleMania last year. Chris Jericho comes out, interrupting HBK, to say that he’s going to win the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out. Then Jeff Hardy comes out to interrupt Y2J, with much applause. He congradulates HBK and Y2J for trying to headline WrestleMania again, but he says that he’ll do whatever it takes to make it. JBL then comes out to much booing. He then does a very Ted DiBiasie-esque promo about how he’s gonna win with Umaga’s help, which is quite interesting. Umaga comes out and then Snitsky comes out, to which the audience chants “Brush your teeth”. Snitsky talks about how he hasn’t had a chance at the title and HBK interrupts him saying that he deserves nothing but a good dental hygenist, which starts an all-out punch-out in the ring. Regal comes out to say that all 6 of them will face off in a tag match tonight. 7.5/10 (for a pretty darn cool promo)

After commercial, Mr. Kennedy goes up against Super Crazy. This match was pretty much Kennedy pwning Super Crazy. Mr. Kennedy wins with an inverted figure-four leglock. He gets on the mic to show MVP Vs Ric Flair, where MVP does some heavy-duty damage to Flair’s leg. Kennedy then gives Naitch the opportunity to come out on next week’s Raw to forfeit their match at No Way Out. 6/10 (for a lame squash match that was saved by a decent after-match promo)

After break, we see Mike Adamle going over the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out followed by a video of its history. 5.5/10 (for a short but sweet video of the Elimination Chamber)

Then, Santino Marella and Carlito face Brian Kendrik and Paul London. Carlito Backstabbed Kendrik for the win. 4/10 (for a very short match)

After the match, we see Vince getting his ass buffed with a hand buffer (I’m not kidding). 5/10 (for a funny but overdone bit)

Back again from commercial, Vince comes out to have Hornswoggle kiss his ass, explaining that it’s out of tough love. He then says that the parents out there are terrible. He asks all the kids to stand up and says that there all spoiled brats. Hornswoggle comes out after Vince tells him to. Vince says some classic parentisms (”this is gonna hurt me more than it’s gonna hurt you”, “you brought this on yourself”, etc) and tells Hornswoggle to kiss his ass. Hornswoggle hesitates for a while and then Findley comes out to defend Hornswoggle, which greatly irritates Vince and says that he can kiss his ass too. After some more hesitation, Hornswoggle bites Vince’s ass. Findley and Hornswoggle do a funny little jig and leave. Vince then says that he’s going to face Hornswoggle in a No-DQ match next week and says that if Findley interferes, then he’s fired. 7.5/10 (for a very funny bit, especially Findley and Hornswoggle’s little jig)

After the break, Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes face off against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdock in a non-title tag match. I missed this match so I won’t give it a score. NA/10 (because I didn’t watch the match)

Back from the break, the main event starts off with Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, and Chris Jericho squaring off against Snitsky, JBL, and Umaga. After a commercial break, the match begins. When Snitsky gets in the ring, the audience chants “Brush your teeth”, which is too-too funny. Jericho, Hardy, and Michaels did their over-the-top rope jump onto Snitsky, JBL, and Umaga at the same time. It was friggin’ rad!! The commercial breaks ends with Jericho falling down for no apparent reason, until the replay shows that JBL punching Jericho is what knocked him down. Hardy gets the win with a Swanton Bomb on Snitsky. This match was awesome!! 8.5/10 (for an excellent main-event match)

After the break, John Cena faces Mark Henry in an arm wrestling match. Henry wins by cheating and Orton tries to RKO Cena, but fails. Cena then FUs Henry. 5/10 (for a so-so match with an awesome FU on Henry)

Tonight’s Raw had some improvements, but they really need to stop doing these short-ass matches. Overall, I give this week’s Raw a 6/10.

I notice that I slowed down my slog, err, podcast a bit this time around. Also, my crappy audio editing skills aren’t quite as bad as they were before.

For those of you who weren’t around when I did my first Raw Score, I basically do a review of the previous night’s WWE Raw, broken down by each segment. I then give each segment a score out of a possible 10 points and then average out the scores to form the overall score for that episode of Raw.

Here’s the original description for the video:

Hey YouTube, it’s the Andy-San here with this week’s Raw Score. Mmm, I feel sleepy…sleepy…

Yeah, I really didn’t know much about SEO in those days. Oh well…


Slog 03 – Raw Score 01-28-2008

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Here’s the original brief description of the video:
Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San here again with this week’s Raw Score. Enjoy!

Here’s the full Raw Score from the post A Raw Deal? I Think Not!:

We begin tonight with a recap of last night’s Royal Rumble match where John Cena came out the winner. Then, Cena comes out to do a promo about his pectoral injury that should have sidelined him for a year. He said that he risked everything so he could go to WrestleMania. He then challanges Randy Orton, who’s still the WWE Champion, to a title match for tonight. After some back-and-forth verbage, Orton says that he’ll defend the title at No Way Out since Cena can’t wait until WrestleMania. Cena still isn’t satisfied and says that he’ll “get some” tonight. We then go to commercial. 4/10 (for a really predictable promo)

The first match of the night is a tag-team match with Ashley & Mickie James against Jillian & Beth Pheonix. This match was short but sweet. There was a good amount of very interesting moves in this match. The Glamazon picked up the win again with a Hanging Fisherman’s Suplex on James. Seriously, the men should really take notes on what these ladies are doing in the ring. 7/10 (for another good women’s match)

After that, we see Vince and William Regal talking about the upcoming matches for tonight (I think). 3/10 (because I couldn’t understand a word of what they were saying)

After commercial, Regal comes out to address the crowd and he makes a little flub lol (he’s so excited). Anyway, he says that there will be an Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out to decide who will go to WrestleMania to face the WWE Champion. Regal then announces that Umaga, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, JBL, Jeff Hardy, and Triple H will be in the match. Then, commercial-time. 6/10 (for some really good booking)

Back from commercial, Carlito goes up against Cody Rhodes (who’s apparantly 1/2 of the Tag-Team Champions along with Hardcore Holly). I gotta say, I’m really diggin’ this Rhodes guy. He was really giving it to Carlito tonight. Unfortunatly, Carlito won with the Backstabber when Rhodes was distracted by Carlito’s manager. 6.5/10 (for an impressive match by Rhodes)

Then, HHH and HBK are shown discussing their match at No Way Out. Trips then says that he needs a tag partner for tonight and tells Shawn to suit up. 6/10 (for a quick and kinda funny promo)

Back again from commercial, we see DX come out to face Umaga and Snitsky. Right before HHH was gonna grapple Snitsky, Trips gets on the mic and asks if anyone has a Tic-Tac or a toothbrush for Snitsky, which promped the audience to chant “Brush Your Teeth.” That was hilarious!! The match itself was pretty cool. HBK took some choice bumps tonight. Trips picked up the win with a Pedigree to Snitsky with much applause. 7.5/10 (for an awesome match with DX)

After the match, we see Orton and JBL discussing their upcoming match. Not much else to say here really. 3/10 (for a bland promo)

Coming back from the break, we see Todd Grisham interviewing Jeff Hardy. Hardy says that he still wants to be the WWE Champion. Then, we cut to Vince talking to Hornswoggle about his loss at the Royal Rumble. He does some nice McMahon-isms and tells Hornswoggle to get out. 6/10 (for a great Mr. McMahon moment that saved us from reTodd)

After break, Mr. Kennedy faces Brian Kendrik. These guys put on a great match, but it was far too short. Mr. Kennedy won this match and then announced that he’s gonna end Ric Flair’s career. In response, Naitch comes out and said “Good-luck and Whooo!!!!” 6.5/10 (for a potentially awesome feud)

Back again from commercial, we have Melina versus Maria. This match wasn’t as good as the other women’s match, but it was still ok. Maria wins with an awesome rollup. Maria and that guy she’s with remind me of Sable and Mark Mero. Alot. 5.5/10 (for a so-so women’s match)

Afterwards, Jericho is interviewed by reTodd. I really don’t know what to make of the oddly serious Y2J. On one hand, I kinda like that he’s branching out as a character. On the other hand, I miss the wise-crackin’ Jericho. 5/10 (for a good promo and an on-the-fence character change)

After the break, the main event starts with Jeff Hardy & Jericho facing Orton & JBL. This match was pretty good. Hardy pulls out some neat offensive manuvers. Jericho also tore JBL up with some of his classic moves. SnOrton put a halt to the Walls of Jericho with an RKO that actually connected lol. JBL pinned Jericho to win the match. Cena came out and laid into Orton and finishing him with an FU. 7/10 (for a great match by Jericho and Hardy)

Tonight’s Raw wasn’t half-bad, but they really need to cut back on the commercials. I mean c’mon, 9 commercials in a 2-hour span? Overall, I give this week’s Raw a 5.6/10.


For those of you who weren’t around when I did my first Raw Score, I basically do a review of the previous night’s WWE Raw, broken down by each segment. I then give each segment a score out of a possible 10 points and then average out the scores to form the overall score for that episode of Raw.

Well, there’s not much else to say here really, other than I was really trying to speed up my slog, err, podcast too much. This slog also shows off some of my crappy editing skills even before I had video editing software!


Slog 02 – Raw Score 01-21-2008

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

I gotta say, this slog shows off some of my crappy editing skills even before I had video editing software!

For those of you who weren’t around when I did my first Raw Score, I basically do a review of the previous night’s WWE Raw, broken down by each segment. I then give each segment a score out of a possible 10 points and then average out the scores to form the overall score for that episode of Raw.

Here is the full text review of the January 21, 2008 episode of WWE Raw from the post Raw Score Lives!!!1:

Raw Score – 01/21/2008

Hey guys, it’s the Andy-San here bringing back my Raw Score after two years and 2 months to the day (and on Martin Luther King Day no less). Let’s look at this week’s Raw, shall we?

The first match of the night between Shawn Michaels and Mr. Kennedy was main-event quality. I lol’d when HBK wiped his butt with Kennedy’s thrown shirt before the match. It was also funny how Kennedy bailed the ring when Michaels was about to hit him with Sween Chin Music. This match had a fair amount of technical moves in it early on and later threw in some high-risk moves as well. HBK took a real choice bump when he tried his elbow drop a second time and Kennedy blocked it with his knees. The match ended with Michaels picking up the win with Sweet Chin Music. It’s a shame that this match was the curtain jerker, but it did start the night off strong. 7.5/10 (for a great opening match)

After the HBK-Kennedy match, we see Randy Orton talking to Vince about how he doesn’t want to shake Jeff Hardy’s hand later on tonight. Vince gave him a decent pep-talk and it was on to commercial. 5/10 (for an ok promo that had Vince acting as a father figure to Orton)

The Beth Phoenix vs Mickie James match was surprisingly good. I feel confident about the future of women’s wrestling in the WWE. The match ended with The Glamazon putting a Hanging Fisherman’s Suplex on James. 6.5/10 (for a really good women’s match)

Afterwards, Trips gave a short promo about his upcoming match to get into the Royal Rumble. It was pretty much “I’m gonna be in the Rumble and there’s nothing anybody can do about it”, but it was still good. 5/10 (for a good, but fairly standard promo)

After commercial, Hardcore Holly came in with a snappy comeback on these 2 wrestling n00bs who I don’t know (”If anyone get in My Space, I’m gonna throw ‘em out!”). 5/10 (for a funny quip by Hardcore Holly of all people)

The Randy Orton flashback really showed how far he’s come (I lol’d at the tights he wore on his debut match). 6/10 (for a great flashback promo)

We come back from commercial with a tag match pitting Findly and Hornswoggle against The Highlanders that was far too short. I can’t believe that Fit Findly’s still wrestling, but I’m glad that he can still wrestle well. Hornswoggle won the match with a sweet frogsplash. 6/10 (for a great, but way too short tag match)

Back again from commercial, we see Chris Jericho being choked with a cable by JBL. So JBL’s wrestling again? And on Raw too? I already knew that Jericho was back, but I didn’t know about JBL. Anyway, Jericho enters the ring after the clip for a great promo. It really reminded me of Shawn Michaels’ promo before he made a comeback at Summerslam 2002. 7/10 (for an excellent promo delivered with loads of confidence)

After that, we see Vince talking to Jeff Hardy about how he should shake Orton’s hand. Vince was obviously playing the instigator card here and Hardy assured him that he will “give them something to talk about.” 4/10 (for a short and predictable promo)

Ryan Kendrik’s qualifying match for the Royal Rumble against Umaga was a pwnfest for Umaga. Kendrik pulled out some nice high-flying moves, but Umaga got the win with the Samoan Spike. 4/10 (for a too short match)

The little bit after the match with Maria, Mickie James, Ashley, and some guy was kinda funny. He reminds me of Carlito as far as his arrogance goes. 5/10 (for a kinda funny bit of filler)

After commercial, we see a clip of Vince on Celebrity Apprentice. Then, we see King with 3-D glasses on because Raw’s now in HD. Next, there was the ubersweet Jeff Hardy flashback promo with the song Rooftops by Lost Prophets. 6.5/10 (for Hardy’s choice flashback promo and King with 3-D glasses lol)

Coming back from commercial, we have Carlito facing Hardcore Holly. This one seemed better suited for Sunday Night Heat I think. Carlito got the win with the Backstabber. 4/10 (for another short and rather bland match)

Back again from another commercial, we see a short clip of HHH winning the 2002 Royal Rumble after coming back from a quad injury. There’s a brief appearance of Mr. Perfect (RIP) being eliminated by HHH. William Regal comes out to address Trips before his match and announces that his match is a gauntlet match against three people with Royal Rumble rules. First up is Snitsky, who lays into The Game and comes close to eliminating him, but is thrown over. Next is Mark Henry, who seems to slow down the match. Henry came very close to throwing HHH over the top, but Trips beats him too. Finally is Regal himself, who unleashes a flurry of punches upon entering the ring. Despite that, Triple H comes out on top and throws Regal over the top. 5.5/10 (for a predictable match, but Regal’s expression after HHH beat Mark Henry was priceless)

After yet another commercial, Vince comes out and mentions that Raw’s in HD and brings out Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy one at a time. Vince admits that their upcoming match at the Royal Rumble doesn’t need any hype and wonders what’s gonna happen. Orton gets on the mic and says that he underestimated Hardy and he has won Orton’s respect. Hardy says that he doesn’t care about Orton’s respect and he would rather shake other peoples’ hands before Orton’s. Then, Hardy shakes JR, King, and Lillian’s hand and goes out into the audience to shake various audience members’ hands. Orton then offers his hand when Hardy gets back in the ring and Hardy lays Orton out with the Twist of Fate instead. Despite Hardy’s so-so mic skills, he made up for it with excellent audience interaction. 8.5/10 (for Hardy’s interaction with the audience)

It’s been a long time since I really sat down and watched wrestling. I pretty much gave up on it since Benoit died, but after reading my old Raw Scores, I decided to bring it back. Tonight’s Raw was pretty good, but I felt that it was rushed and trying to fit in too much stuff. Having a commercial after just about everything didn’t help matters either. Overall, I give this week’s Raw a 5.7/10.

Here’s the original description of the video:

Sup, it’s the Andy-San here with a new slog. After 2 years and 2 months to the date yesterday, I’ve decided to bring my Raw Score out of retirement. Enjoy!


Anime Review – Myself ; Yourself

Currently Listening To:
Joe Satriani – Is There Love In Space?
06 – If I Could Fly


When you’re confused about where you should go in life, it’s best to take a step back and rediscover yourself. Enter Myself ; Yourself.


Sana Hidaka, a sixteen year old high school student, returns to the fictional town Sakuranomori in W. Prefecture five years after his family moved away. He reconnects with his childhood friends Nanaka Yatsushiro, Aoi Oribe, and his best male friend Shusuke Wakatsuki along with his twin sister Shuri Wakatsuki. Sana lives by himself in the apartment building Aoi’s family runs. Sana soon finds out that while some things have stayed the same, there are many things that have changed.

Character Overviews

Hidaka Sana – The basic, everyman male lead.

Yatsushiro Nanaka – The cold love interest of Sana who was a sweet and caring girl when he left.

Oribe Aoi – The cute, childish girl who lives next door to Sana.

Wakatsuki Shusuke – The other male character who is your basic anime best friend (a bit rowdy, but at times uncharacteristically serious).

Wakatsuki Shuri – Shusuke’s athletic twin sister.

Story: 8/10

Myself ; Yourself may appear on the surface as another fan-service anime with lots of fluff for a storyline, but it’s more than that. Without giving away too much of the plot, I can say that there’s quite a few plot twists that come in past the halfway mark in the series. I like that Myself ; Yourself uses character development to push the bulk of the story along. It makes the characters more memorable and you can connect with them pretty easy.

I give it an 8/10 for a deceptively interesting story that focuses on the characters’ development instead of completing some “goal” (like defeating the biggest bad guy in the world or completing the puzzle from hell).

Animation & Music: 7/10 for Animation and 8/10 for Music

The quality of the animation in Myself ; Yourself is passable; nothing really startling. Although I did enjoy the characters’ designs, I’ve found that their designs are not very unique and you could easily swap them out with characters from another series.

The opening and ending themes are really enjoyable. I especially love the opening sequence with the characters playing the song on stage.

I give the animation a 7/10 and the music an 8/10 for a good, but not that great, job.

Characters: 7/10

The character I enjoyed the most, even though she may annoy some viewers, was Aoi. I thought that she was funny! The other characters were pretty bland and predictable at first, but a few plot twists later and I began to appreciate them a bit more. I was kinda disappointed that Aoi didn’t have an “OMG, WTF?” plot twist like the others, but I still liked her sweet-to-a-fault character. 7/10 for mostly mediocre characters that get better later on.

Enjoyment: 7/10

Despite having good character development and several plot twists, I didn’t really enjoy this series as much as I would have liked to. Myself ; Yourself needed a wacky side character. Aoi was close to being a wacky side character, but the show really needed a Rock Lee-type character to round it out. Although the ending leaves us on a satisfactory high note, it’s unlikely that there will be a second season. 7/10 for a decent amount of enjoyment.

Overall: 7.4/10

Myself ; Yourself did some things right, but it could have done a lot more. If they only had a wacky side character… In any event, I still enjoyed watching this series and encourage you to make up your own mind about it and watch it for yourself!


I've Been Thinking…

…And I’ve come up with a lot of ideas! Hey guys, it’s TheAndySan with pants. Yes, pants.

I haven’t been updating as much as I used to because I’ve had a lot on my mind lately. I’ve been thinking of my future and what I’ll be doing in order to make enough money  to support myself. In all honesty, I can’t support myself just working at Wal-Mart, at least not as a cashier. I could try to move up in order to make moAr money, but that would take too long and working at Wal-Mart isn’t what I wanna do long-term. Basically, Wal-Mart is my steady income until I can live off of making money from my websites.

My plan is to make several (probably no more than 10) websites of different interests of mine. Those sites’ll be my main sources of income, and I’ll still have this site up as my personal blog. I was gonna make these sites into social networks, but for simplicity’s sake, I’ll make them into a blog & forum combo. I’ll submit my stuff on the blogs and other members can submit their things on the forums. I’ll have ads mostly on the blog sections with some in the forums. I dunno how I’ll organize it, but I’ll get there when I get there.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve dramatically changed the look of this site. I got the theme from Dosh Dosh so kudos to you sir!! I don’t usually like 3-column blogs, but this one’s set up nicely so I think I’ll keep it around for awhile.

Well, I’m gonna go eat so I’ll see you guys later. Bye!


P.S: It’s been 56 days since has been up and 28 days since has been up. is back up again, but I’m going to be retooling it so it might take a bit before I regularly update it again. Stay tuned!

A Funny Thing Happened To My Internets

Hey guys, It’s TheAndySan back in da house!!

Sorry about the absence. I had some problems with my Internets, but they’re fixed…for now…

Jon’s living with us again. I guess it’s back to sleeping on the couch.

Last week was fucking crazy. As you guys know, my truck broke down. I sold it to the guy to cover labor and I got $75 out of it. After I sold it, I found out that I could have sold it to a junkyard for wayyy moAr, even after towing costs.

Because of my transportation situation, my mom’s letting me use Jon’s moped. Honestly, It’s a really nice moped, but it’s been draining my money as of late. It cost me $88 to insure it for a year (amazing, but it still sucks in the short-term), $30-something for new plates and tags that expire in November (I really hope I’m not still riding it by then), $12 for a new chain & lock, $5 for an awesome screwdriver for when the fuse blows up every time I start it and I push the fuse holder into the other side of the tank, and $38 for a new back tire that went flat on my way to Ben’s house for Eights and Aces’ morning practice (I’ll be putting the video of that up as soon as I get the file). I’ll get the tire sometime this week (I’m guessing Wednesday) so my parents have been gracious enough to drive me back and forth to work in the meantime.

Despite all this crap happening, I think that a girl at work has a crush on me. Her name’s Jess and she’s been especially friendly to me ever since I talked to her after she handed chewing tobacco to a customer and they came through my line since they had more than 10 items. It seemed like the customer had a valid reason to purchase the chewing tobacco at an aisle besides the one that sells tobacco products. I called a manager over just in case, and it turns out that I was right; there’s only one aisle that a customer can purchase tobacco, regardless of how many items he/she is buying. So I handed it back to Jess and the customer didn’t want it so we both didn’t get canned. Hurray.

I haven’t asked her if she has a boyfriend/husband yet, so I dunno if she’s single. If she is, then I might have a chance. Maybe. Like I said, she’s been really friendly towards me and I’m pretty sure that she either doesn’t have a boyfriend/husband or is gonna break up with him soon. I’m kinda nervous since it’s been awhile since I last tried to ask someone out. In fact, the last time I was even close to having a relationship was back when I was in UU with the blazin’ Azns Paulette and Amanda.

In my previous post, I said that I’m planning on starting up another website. I’m still doing it, but I’m debating between two cameras, the Aiptek Action HD 1080p and the Sanyo Xacti CG-6. Both are affordable and are pretty good cameras for the money from what I’ve read online.

Well, I’m off to catch up on 6 days without an Internet. Catch ya laters!


P.S: It’s been 54 days since has been up and 26 days since has been up. I’m going to be retooling so it might take a bit before I update it again. Stay tuned!

The Best Part Of Waking Up, Is Problems In Your Cup!!!1

Hey there my lovely bunch of crickets, it’s TheAndySan here with some bad news.

My stepdad kicked out Jon. I guess Jon’s living with one of his friends in the meantime. This might be quite the sticky situation.

You see, Jon gets child support checks and he has to live with a parent or guardian in order to get the checks until he turns 18 and then he’ll continue to receive them until he graduates or drops out of high school. Since he no longer lives with a parent or guardian, Mom is gonna be thrown in jail for child support fraud, which is a federal offense.

If this happens, then Mom’ll be in jail and unable to help my stepdad with the house expenses. Since he can’t handle it all by himself, he’ll be forced to sell the house, thus kicking me out.

Oh, but it gets better! I got the news back about my truck, and the camshaft is physically broken. The guy’s been fixing cars for decades and has never seen something like this before. It would cost me over $1,000 to repair it, so I’m gonna sell it to them for what it’s worth in parts and whatnot.

So let’s recap, shall we? I’m gonna be kicked out of the house because my fucking brother wouldn’t shut the fuck up and lay low. I have no money. I have no transportation besides my bike. I will have to quit Wal-Mart because I can’t go back and forth to work on a bike at nighttime. And this whole thing was completely not my fault. I wasn’t involved at all.

Of course, there are ways to fix this problem, but no one wants to listen to me. What the fuck do I know?! I’m just a bum who can’t afford to live on his own!!

I’m trying out a new look for the website. Leave me a comment to tell me what you think of it and if I should keep it or go back to the old look. Personally, I liked the old look. However, some of you don’t like reading white text on a black background so I decided to try something different.

Well, I’m off so I’ll see you guys later.


P.S: It’s been 48 days since has been up and 20 days since has been up. I’m going to be retooling so it might take a bit before I update it again. Stay tuned!