RIP Steve Jobs, 400th Video, & 500 Subscribers

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In this mobile video, I talk about the death of Steve Jobs, an update for the auditions for Love Hina Abridged, celebrating my 400th video as well as my 500th subscriber, difficulty in applying for YouTube Partnership, transferring my copyrighted stuff onto my secondary channel, my AdSense account being banned, the benefits of being a YouTube Partner, and buying a Gorillapod tripod for my camera.


Thanks again for all your support! I look forward to making Partner and making more videos in the future!



Vlog 53 – I Was Attacked By A Great Dane & RIP Gary Moore

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I recorded this vlog earlier today, but I had a long weekly Skype session with my parents so it took me a bit to upload it to YouTube.

First off, I’d like to apologize for not posting a video on Friday or Saturday. I was in one of my mopey, emofrastical moods and didn’t wanna do anything.

On Saturday, I hung out with my friend Sam and I bought some cargo pants from Old Navy for the low-low price of $60 for two of them. I was gonna get some shoes too, but needless to say, my small-town small-budget Ohio brain was blown to bits that day, haha!!

Also, I know now that you couldn’t see my pants when I panned the camera down. Umm, whoops?

Earlier today, as I was watching some Gary Moore videos on my phone, I heard this loud barking behind me. I turn around and it’s a huge Great Dane barking at me! I was so startled that all I could say was “WHAT THE FUCK?!!” really loud, and I think that scared him away. He was probably a really friendly dog, but he scared the living shit outta me lol!

Anyway, just to clear some things up, no he didn’t bite me or my bookbag; he just scared the shit out of me by barking really loud behind me. Just thought I’d make that clear before I start getting “Get well soon, Andy!” comments or an angry mob ready to eat the poor dog for supper lol!

Speaking of Gary Moore, I found out on one of Rob Chappers’ recent videos that Gary had tragically passed away in Spain at the young age of 58. It was really surreal because I was starting to get back into Gary Moore. I was gonna check his website to see when he’d come to San Diego, but sadly that won’t happen. My thoughts are with his family, his friends, his fans, and all who knew him. Rest In Peace Gary; You Will Be Missed!

Something that I’ve been meaning to get to for the past year or so is to finally do something with my second YouTube channel. Originally, I made my secondary channel to give my newer viewers a chance to look at my older videos as well as for me to write about how the videos relate to me today.

My question for you guys out there is this: what should I do with my second channel? Please leave me your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below!