N-FAQs 10 – Girls & Coffee In Boot Camp

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In the first of two N-FAQs for this week, we look at interacting with the opposite sex in boot camp as well as the availability of coffee in boot camp.


im wondering about the rules on dating in the navy. seems to me like you cant even look at a girl while your in.

anyways what were the rules in bootcamp and has it changed as you moved on to A school? i really hope they are not to strict because i love me some girls i cant stay away from them for to long!


Although Sailors dating/marrying Sailors is highly discouraged, it is not prohibited.

However, when you’re in boot camp, they are very strict with your contact with the opposite sex. Granted, you could be put in an integrated division, but I’ve heard that they tend to have a lot of drama. Not that all-male divisions are much better; we just have a different kind of drama to deal with.

*Editor’s Note: I forgot to mention fraternization, which is DEFINITELY prohibited! Basically, fraternization means having an unduly relationship with a superior. Just keep it professional and you’ll be fine.*


coffee in boot camp? probably not but im wondering… lol ´╗┐


Actually yes, there is coffee in boot camp. And yes, it’s true that it looks like muddy water and tastes like´╗┐ turpentine. You’ll get that joke when you get to boot camp lol!

Stay tuned for the next N-FAQs, which should be out tomorrow. See ya next time!


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