Why I'm Getting A Job Again And How You Can Help Me Improve My Alexa Ranking

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For those of you who follow my exploits on Twitter, you know that I had a job interview on Monday. The interview went well, despite several frustrating moments before I got to the interview.

To start things off, I got plates for my car (and donated $1 to hungry children; yay, karma boost!). We had freezing rain Sunday night, so putting on the plates was a disaster-and-a-half! My right arm is still a little wonky from screwing on the plates.

After I get the plates on, I drive up to the closest gas station two miles away. Jon left very little gas in the car so I was praying that we would make it to the gas station. We did, and after almost filling it up with $20 worth of gas, I went to fill the tires up since they deflated a bit from not being driven on. The pressure gauge was frozen so I had to wing it. I’m positive that I didn’t put the right amount of air needed in those tires, but I did notice an improvement in maneuverability.

Once that was finished, I set out on my way to my interview, which was about 22 miles away. I knew how to get to the town, which I famously got lost in trying to find the McDonald’s.

One Man, One McDonald’s, Several Buns

True story: while I was working at McDonald’s one day, my manager sent me out to a town that I’ve never driven to in order to get buns. He gave me very vague directions via pointing to his hands and mentioning some road names. It seemed simple enough so I drove out in search of the nice rack…of buns.

I make it to the town with little difficulty, but I came in through the other side of town. As I’m trying to get to the McDonald’s on the other side, I can see the McDonald’s sign out in the distance, mocking me in my futile attempt to reach it.

After what seemed like an eternity of passing through pointlessly placed stop signs and crazy-ass roads, I found McDonald’s. Once I came in and asked for the buns, that store’s manager told me that my manager was on his way to this store to guide me back since I might get lost again trying to find my way back to my McDonald’s.

What should have took around 45 minutes to an hour to complete took me 2 hours. By the time I came back, I had ten minutes left of my shift, much to the chagrin of my boss. I ended up pokin’ around for the remainder of my shift and went home.

Okay, Rant Time Is Over – Interview Time Is Now!!

So I managed to find the place with no problems. When I was being interviewed, the guy said it’s a running joke that they don’t have a sign and if you find the place, you should be hired. Like I said before, the interview went extremely well. My interviewer said that although I look to be the best candidate for this job, he has a couple more interviews to do, so he’ll tell me if I got the job in a week or two.

After the great interview, I decided to celebrate by eating at the local Wendy’s. Although I was able to find my potential job’s location fairly easy, finding the Wendy’s was a bit more difficult. After some guesswork and going down a couple wrong streets, I found Wendy’s and had two of their 99-cent Double-Stack cheeseburgers. Awesome!

So Why Are You Getting A Job Again?

Oh yeah, I forgot to answer that question. The reason I’m getting a job again is to be able to support myself until what I do online can support me. Also, I think that it’ll be fun to do work involving computers for a change (the job I’m looking to get into is a full-time customer service position) instead of boring minimum wage jobs that can’t support me outside of my parent’s home.

I really want to move out into an apartment of my own, and making a full-time income is the first step in doing that.

So I Hear That Your Alexa Ranking Needs A Boost

You heard right!

About a week ago, I decided to install the Alexa Sparky add-on for Firefox. I did it in order to not only boost my Alexa ranking, but to see where other websites stand as I browse them. I like using it so far. It’s informative enough to be considered useful to me, and it’s also not intrusive (ie doesn’t take up gobs of browsing space or RAM) so that I can browse in peace. I highly recommend downloading it if you use Firefox. For those of you that are using Internet Explorer (what’s wrong with you, lol?), you can download the Alexa Toolbar instead.

Well, I do believe that I’ll call it a night. Sweet dreams, everyone! Wish me luck on getting that job!!